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Superflex Trade Question (1 Viewer)


Hi, I am new-ish to superflex, and would like some input on a trade involving QBs. This is for a 12 team redraft, full PPR, SFlex league. No kickers, one extra regular flex, 2 IR spots, and no TE premium. Both teams are 5-2 and rank 3&4 in Points Scored.

The trade:

  • Team A gives Tua Tagovailoa and Austin Ekeler
  • Team B gives Tom Brady, Antonio Gibson, and George Kittle

Team A Roster

  • QB: Tua Tagovailoa, Ben Roethlisberger, Jimmy Garoppolo, Taysom Hill
  • RB: Aaron Jones, Austin Ekeler, D'Andre Swift, Damien Harris, Mike Davis, Jamaal Williams
  • WR: AJ Brown, Cooper Kupp, Curtis Samuel, Devante Parker, Jamison Crowder
  • TE: Ricky Seals-Jones, Jared Cook
Team B Roster

  • QB: Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady, Drew Lock
  • RB: Antonio Gibson, Darrell Henderson, Zach Moss, James Conner, Devonta Freeman
  • WR: Diontae Johnson, Odell Beckham, Tyler Boyd, Jaylen Waddle, Corey Davis, Rashod Bateman
  • TE: George Kittle, Kyle Pitts, Hunter Henry

Note: The teams play each other on Week 9. Brady and Gibson are both on bye, and Kittle is expected back.

Note: Team A currently has Curtis Samuel and Taysom Hill in the IR spots, and won't gain an extra roster spot for taking an IR player. However, they are holding multiple defenses and can drop one.


  1. Team A should make the trade
  2. Team B should make the trade
  3. Both teams should make the trade
  4. Neither team should make the trade

Please let me know what option you think is best, and how (if you would care to) you might alter the trade. Thanks!



How many RB's and WR's must you start and what are the max of each spot?  Do you have to play a TE?  Do QB's score much higher than other positions....in other words are they a must start at SF?

Off the top I think I do it if I am getting the Brady side and don't do it if I am on the other side.  


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