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Superman or Fitzmagic? (1 Viewer)


I’ve got Cam And Fitz on my roster. Who to start this week? Standard scoring, nothing weird. 


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I like that! Thanks. My team is pretty good. I think I’m gonna go Cam this week, see how Fitz does for one more week, and save him for Cam’s bye in week 4, pretty much either way. 

Like most, I’m enticed by FitzMagic, but I know he is pretty up and down. Has thrown (6!) INTs in a game before, etc. lol. 



Fitzmagic. He has a great matchup. He may have thrown 6 interceptions before but he has never had the WR's he has right now.



My choice is somewhat dependent upon my matchup.  If it is a game I should win then I would most likely go with the highest floor (Cam).  However, TB is playing against a Steeler D that is non-existent on Monday night in Tampa.  There is no reason to believe that Fitz should slow down.  He has the higher upside but has more risk as he has been prone to turnovers. 

One other thing, If you don't have negative for turnovers then there is no reason not to play Fitz. 



Just take the names out of it and go QB:A vs QB:B.   Should be obvious you start Fitz till the sizzle is gone.. and I don't think it will be gone this week.



I'd go Cam. Fitz has had a great start to the season, but he's had great stretches before and has always come back to earth, yes weapons may be better than ever, and I think he's a top-10 at the moment, but Cam is a stud, and has played like it so far. Cam is a top-3 guy.


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