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Surprise LBs - rank WW priority (1 Viewer)

MAC_32 said:
This is probably semantics on my part and the above is why I actively try not to trade for LB's, but I primarily use them as depth. Holcomb is the 24th highest scorer in one of my league's, but he's only seen a snap count over 80% once. Damien Wilson's been on the field more, but he's still not eclipsed 90% and his per game rates really aren't that good (LB50 after last night). With Moseley's return imminent will Hewitt cede some snaps to Cashman? 

Again, probably not what you were getting at - but there's a reason these guys weren't owned in August. They're useful right now, but I'd prefer they be backup plans post bye weeks as we get to December.
True, but in the end if they score and I can somewhat predict that they will, I don't really care about their future.  I've already dumped a bunch of guys and expect that I'll dump some of these... I've gotten great season-long value out of guys in the past cycling through these types - sometimes they become Cory Littleton, Joe Schobert, etc.

Looks like Nate Gerry's the latest flash in the pan, huh? 7 solos, 4 assists. Lots of them well downfield. 😜 Feels like the churn has been fast and furious this year compared to the last couple.


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