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Sutton? (1 Viewer)


I was going to use my number 1 waiver position to get a fill in QB but you guys talked me off the ledge on that idea. Now I am thinking of dropping Bryant and picking up Courtland Sutton. With Thomas gone I think he will produce. And I might be able to flip him if he does well this weekend.

Good idea? Thanks for the help.

10 team, standard - QB, 3-WR, 2-RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def, 6-BN

QB – K Cousins

RB – J Mixon, L Miller, C Thompson, T Coleman, L Murray, L Bell

WR – K Allen, D Thomas, B Cooks, K Golladay, M Bryant

TE – J Cook/E Engram

K – A Vinatieri

D – Steelers

Not really sure whats going to happen with Bryant in Oakland and they will be passing a lot from behind.... BUT yes I do believe Sutton will see an increase in targets and he looks good. Denver is a better situation... better running game and defense.


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