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Tell Us About Your Bar Fight.... (1 Viewer)

brent‏ @murrman5 14 Oct 2014

[wife looking at pictures of my dead body with police] "why isn't he wearing a shirt"

we believe he removed it when he challenged the coyote

Had a roommate in college who used to get ### crazy after a shot or two of Crown.  We lived with a bunch of law students and naturally he decides to go hang out with them at a local bar and then, of course, downs a couple shots of Crown.  Not even 5 minutes later he’s throwing haymakers at these law students who are thinking their lives are about to end. I see the bouncer heading towards us and pull my roommate by the collar out of the bar.  I let him settle down and expunge his dinner in a nearby park. From that day on, the law students we lived with called him the Enforcer.  I assume this guy’s in jail somewhere today.  Good times.

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My cousin use to work the door at a strip club in Atlantic City ~20 years.  He would get off work when the sun was coming up; I was on summer break from college so sometimes I would wake up early 4:00am ish hit the club, see some of the dancers at the end of their shifts to hang out until my cousin gets done working.  Sometimes they'd be still on stage dancing and some days there were just sitting at the bar.  We would usually grab breakfast at a bar (it's AC everything is 24 hours especially in the summer); I'd have my morning coffee while he's in "happy hour" mode.   Anyway, one Sunday morning I showed up about 4ish and the club is about 20% full; most of the people are usually very drunk by that hour.  I go in sit down at the bar and some dude is sitting near the stage, throwing coins at the girl on stage while calling her non-excellent terms.  My cousin isn't a big dude, he's built like an MMA fighter though with a short fuse. 

The girl on stage starts yelling, someone got my cousin's attention because I see him charging across the room at this dude, grabs him and guy's feet didn't touch the ground until he was thrown against the front door.  My cousin yells, "get up and get the #### out"; out of my blind spot I see two more guys rushing over.  I think they're bouncers at first but they must have been this guy's buddies because they rushed my cousin - they all fall to the ground.  #### this, I see one guy get up looking for a clean shot on my cousin  and I left hooked him; he never saw it coming, drops and it immediately felt like a broke my wrist (learned later that I wasn't throwing punches correctly).  My cousin is back in control throwing the other two out, finally the other bouncers come over to help clean up at first grabbing me then the girls were yelling "not him" etc.

My cousin was pissed at the other bouncers for not being in their spots; apparently they were outside getting high or something.  Later that morning, I remember being still too charged up to eat breakfast, wrist/left hand swelling up and decided to order a drink instead of my coffee.  I laughed when I realized my cousin was just casually eating breakfast and drinking a beer like it was just another day at the office. 

I kept us out of most fights. 

####### college friend decided it was a good idea to throw empty beer bottle over his head as we were leaving.  He wasn't aiming at anyone and of course it hit a linebacker for the football team (A&M).  Might have been 30 seconds later I politely walked up to the dude, and as my friend got choked out I asked "he's done, mind if I drag him out?"

Dude just nodded and walked away. :lmao:

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In the late 90s in San Francisco and was at 1015 Folsom which was a huge club. I was with my buddy Paul and a few others and we were really high on ecstasy. The headliner DJ that night was Boy George. Yes, the Boy George from Culture Club who was a really good House Music DJ. Boy George finished his set around 2:30 in the morning and my buddy Paul is leaning against a wall rolling pretty hard. Paul was a big Italian kid and he sees Boy George walking by him surrounded by bouncers. He is laughing and decides to give Boy George a little punch on his shoulder, not to hurt him but more of a what’s up or thattaboy. Well, the friendly punch lands on Boy George’s shoulder and he goes down like Tyson in his prime hit him. The bouncers pounced on my buddy and tossed him out of the club with  extreme quickness.

As an aside, we were with our married friend who used to date Paul. She didn’t want to tell her husband she was out on ecstasy with an ex but really wanted to tell him about the Boy George story so she said it was me that punched Boy George. To this day there are times the story still comes up and I have to pretend it was me that knocked him out.

Yeah it was

What an unexpected and awesome turn of events

3rd guy in saved the day
3rd guy was planning to jump in from the beginning.  Entered room with the first aggressor, put on gloves while the first two scuffled and then went and cozied up to 4th guy waiting for the right moment.

I'm very confused by that video.

The 2 guys at the end are standing there from the beginning.   The one guy that does the punching literally walks over to the chair guy and starts putting his gloves on...

As far as my fights there were a few ....so dumb

In law school I lived with a lothario, every night a new skank.  One of his conquests was a beautiful girl from our local watering hole we frequented almost daily before heading off to other places.  It had the advantage of proximity, but it was a dive.  I should say the girl was beautiful except for one flaw, she had a withered arm.  She was somewhat mentally challenged, "slow" as they say.

He did her and she thought that meant love and commitment instead of him scratching an itch.  When he didn't call or follow up she was hurt.  Now she had family and friends at the bar who were quite put out on her behalf, and rightfully so. 

One day I am studying at the library and a get an urgent message to call the bartender at the place.  This was well before cell phones so she had called the law library and asked them to locate me.  When I call her she tells me that the girl's family is there and they are beating the hell out of my room mate.    Well I am every bit of 15 minutes away, and I am unsure why she is not calling the cops but I say I am on my way.  Before going I call my brother, 6'5" and 280 pounds of brawn, I want back up.  On the way out of the library I run into a mutual friend of my room mate and me and tell him what's up before I drive on over.

I get there and find a scene.  My room mate is turtled under a pool table.  He is beaten, on his back, and whimpering.  He was a #####.  The girl's family and friends are around the edges of the pool table kicking at him so that he cannot get out.  There are maybe 10 of them.  One guy is screaming "get a rrrrope. We are going to drag him behind my truck."  (I mean really.  Later on those of us involved could not pronounce the word rope without hitting about seven or eight "R"'s just like that yokel.)  I say "that's it".  I say my room mate was wrong, but enough was enough, it stops here.  Well now I am facing 10 angry idiots who may not have yet had enough vengeance.  This was likely to be going very badly for me in about 10 seconds. I have a world of confidence in my size and ability but 10 on 1 I am certainly going to get my ### kicked if that group needs more righteous vengeance..  All of a sudden they all back way off and start walking away.  I turn around and look behind me and there was our mutual friend, a big guy, bigger than my brother, with a bat in his hand coming through the door.  Next to him was my brother carrying a hammer, a freaking hammer.  The place cleared out and we got my room mate out of there.  We never went back, leaving that local watering hole to the locals.

A great non-fight bar fight, at least from my perspective.  From my room mates, not so much. 

Post script:  My room mate ended up bedding the bartender that called me.  She knew who and what he was but still went for his pitch.

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Tavern on Division street in Spokane WA called One Bridge North.  Buddy & I clobber a guy & his girlfriend in foosball like 11-0.  The guy tosses his beer on my face.   I hit him as hard as I can in his face with a right.   Doesn't effect him-he charges me with his head down & gets me in a bear hug.   I'm still standing with him forcing me backward knocking over table after table while I'm forcing his head off my chest with his hair, all the while blasting him with punches on the side of his face.  Bouncer breaks it up & kicks the guy out & buys me a pitcher of beer.   Said he saw the whole incident & that guy has been trouble before.  What I learned?  Don't get in a fight, but if you do keep it in the bar.  If I would have went outside with that guy he would have killed me.

Which one :lol:  

Having Bartended through college I saw/participated in more than my share. The two after college were likely the most brutal (one turning into a full bar brawl involving UT offensive linemen that shut down the Tin Roof in Nashville for the night). 

Different story:

After college a group of buddies and I frequented an Irish pub here in Memphis. Popular with the 21-30 crowd. We were late 20s and all good sized dudes who could hold our own. Security befriended us over time and we never paid cover, had our own reserved table, never waited for a beer and only paid employee prices if anything. 

In exchange, when the rare incident surfaced we helped security out. One night a 6-8 guy brawl broke out right in front of our table. We casually put our beers down and started dragging guys out of the pile in chokeholds or Full Nelson’s or whatever. One buddy was in the bathroom and I recall him walking out as I was dragging a guy away kicking and screaming. He just laughed and dove into the pile grabbing folks.

Only really needed to break up 3-4 big fights. Usually us getting up and standing around behind security de-escalated anyone who was getting chippy with them. Good times. 

I saw one on my recent trip to Ireland.  We'd flown all night and landed at 7am local time and decided to just power through the day.  Ended up going to bed around 10pm but the hotel I was at had a restaurant/bar in the basement.

Well, around 2am I hear a couple guys yelling at each other literally 5 feet from my window.  So of course I go open the curtains to see what's going on.  There's a group of people around the two guys that are yelling at each other.  One of the dudes was so drunk he could barely stand.  He took 5 or 6 swings at the other guy, missing like crazy as the other guy tried to talk him into stopping.  The second guy finally gives up on diplomacy and punches the other guy right in the forehead.  First guy drops to the ground, second guy gives him a hand up, they hug, and go back into the bar.  As they start filing inside I realize I'm bare assed naked standing in front of this big window watching everyone.  That was the beginning of a great trip.

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In college, in the 70's, I was a shift supervisor at a pizza place on State Street in Madison, Rocky Rococo's for the locals.  It sold pizza by the slice and was open after bar time so all of the drunks would come in, belligerent, drunk, hungry, looking for a slice or two to sop up the booze in their stomachs, and often looking for trouble.

We had hired several guys off of the Wisconsin wrestling team as bouncers.  Big boys, Olympians, medal winners.  These guys more than held their own, of course, but it was often with ugly consequences.  One night one of the females who prepped the pizzas asked whether she could bounce instead of doing pizza prep. She assured me she could handle it.  I thought it a bad idea, but wanted to see what she had in mind.  She put on a fresh T-shirt after taking off her bra.  She fluffed her hair and put on make-up.   She was killer hot.  She went up to a table of guys who were belligerent and tossing ice at a group of females at the next table over. (A mating ritual I did not understand and which did not seem to be eliciting positive response.)  Jenny, the prep cook, walked up to the booth, used her perfect butt to scooch her way in to the delight of the dumb asses, and then looks the biggest dumb ### right in the eyes and says, you know, its a damn shame.  The head dumb ### asks what's a damn shame.  She then says that you are such an ###, throwing ice on girls. She then says if you weren't such an ### I could maybe go for a guy like you.  Jenny then got up, walked away, and never asked or told the guy to leave.  His buddies gave him such a hard time that he left in seconds and they followed right along after him.  No conflict, no fight, no nothing.  It was the best exhibition of bouncing I have ever seen.

I saw one on my recent trip to Ireland.  We'd flown all night and landed at 7am local time and decided to just power through the day.  Ended up going to bed around 10pm but the hotel I was at had a restaurant/bar in the basement.

Well, around 2am I hear a couple guys yelling at each other literally 5 feet from my window.  So of course I go open the curtains to see what's going on.  There's a group of people around the two guys that are yelling at each other.  One of the dudes was so drunk he could barely stand.  He took 5 or 6 swings at the other guy, missing like crazy as the other guy tried to talk him into stopping.  The second guy finally gives up on diplomacy and punches the other guy right in the forehead.  First guy drops to the ground, second guy gives him a hand up, they hug, and go back into the bar.  As they start filing inside I realize I'm bare assed naked standing in front of this big window watching everyone.  That was the beginning of a great trip.

One fight many many years ago I was jawing too much at a bigger fella who eventually had enough and landed a monster right (closed my eye the next day). Thankfully My legs held and I tackled him while taking out his legs (had a couple inches and likely 40lbs on me). Landed on top of him and proceeded to pummel him bloody.

After a bit his GF started screaming (as the often do), and we decided it was enough. I hopped up and joined my buddies, and his buddies helped him up. Apparently I had blown his knee out while taking him down.

They were loading him into the car to take him to the hospital and I felt horrible about the knee. Black eye is one thing but surgery sucks. I went over and apologized profusely. He shook it off saying he threw first and no worries. We shook hands and went our separate ways. 

Epilogue: went into a circle K a couple doors down (I had a considerable amount of his blood on on my face (spatter) and hair (from ducking head down to his face when he tried to counter). I roll in covered in blood, eye starting to darken and close... asked for the bathroom and the poor Indian guy behind the counter was like :eek:  and pointed to the back without saying a word. :lol:  

I bet a few of you have seen something similar to this. A group of us were at our local pub. One of our buddies brought his brother along, he was from out of town. A guy and his girl (both are drunk) are having an argument, getting louder and louder. She throws her drink in his face and he calls her a ##### and grabs her by the wrist. She says "Owww, let go of me. You're hurting me!" 

We are watching to make sure things don't escalate. My buddy's brother decides he has seen enough and goes to rescue the damsel in distress. He tells the drunk guy to take his hands off of the lady and gets told to "#### off" for his trouble. They talk for a bit and then the drunk guy sucker punches our friend's brother. He picks himself up off of the floor and starts to beat the hell out of the drunk guy. The damsel jumps on the guy's back, scratches at his face, pulls his hair, throws punches telling him to "leave her man alone!".

We try to intervene and she starts flailing her arms around and kicking at us. We back off and it takes two bouncers to get this she devil away from her rescuer. She picks her man up off of the floor and staggers out the door.

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U of I versus Penn State football game back in college.  We are out at the bars that night when we see a group of Penn State guys coming walking into the bar, hammered and looking for a fight.  We had posted up around the pool table and another group of U of I fans were playing pool.  The Penn State guys started jawing at this group, likely about the outcome of the game earlier in the day.  Well push comes to shove and one of the Penn State guys get driven back all the way to the wall and his head shatters a mirror looking beer sign.  From there, it was madness, each guy squared away at one another around the pool table.  At one point, the remaining balls on the table were fair game and started flying back and forth between these two groups of people.  One guy was palming the cue ball and using it as a bludgeoning tool.  

Our group were spectators until the bouncers eventually broke up the fight and kicked both groups out.  The Penn State guys couldn't have been in the bar for more than 3 minutes before all hell broke loose.  

I was at a place in the early 2000's called "Chester Drawers".  We'd affectionately call it "Check Your Sores".  Yeah, it was one of those places.

Was there with some old college friends, two of which had dated in college but were no longer together.  The guy and I were chillin', having a beer and both noticed the girl being cornered by some clown we didn't know.  We looked at each other, gave a quick nod and started quickly walking over to them... at this point our friend was totally agitated and telling this guy to leave her alone.  As we approached them, this other guy steps out in front of us and says "I don't think so".  Pretty ballsy seeing that I'm 6' and probably 210-215 and my buddy was probably about the same size, maybe a little shorter.  I pushed said clown back by his throat while saying "get the eff out of my way" and got into the other guy's face, allowing our friend to get away.  Bouncers saw the whole thing and kicked us all out.  We were pretty "well known" at this place and the bouncers let us back in after the other two clowns had left.

I have two others... will get to them later.

I once got impatient with a Green Beret. We were shooting pool and he took about 10 minutes between shots as he was trying to hit up a waitress I also had designs upon.  I finally spouted off, "Hey ####### take your shot!"  He did.  His shot was to bust his pool cue across my face.  I still have the broken nose bump to show for shooting off my mouth.

He and I did not exchange further blows or even harsh words.  When I did not drop from the blow he thought twice and the waitress, and then some bouncers, stepped between us to calm the waters.  It was probably good that they did as I was definitely woozy from the blow and had blood blinding me dribbling down from me eyebrow which he also busted open with his one blow.  I probably was in no shape to fight at that point, but who can say.

I never did make any headway with that waitress but she did introduce me to a friend and that went pretty well.

I don't think I have called a stranger in a bar an ####### at the top of my lungs since that incident. 

Usually I was much more mellow a fellow than to be the loudmouth in this anecdote.  That said, there were exceptions to my usual.

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Was not in the fight, but was at this dive college bar near SUNY Plattsburgh, NY... Dirt cheap crap beer probably half the packed bar was underage. Anyway there two dudes get in a fight, no idea what about, didn't last long but the one guy punched the other guy sending him to the floor, dude was stumbling around trying to get to his feet and the whole bar starts counting to ten, guy just about gets all the way up as they reach ten and then he hits the floor again. Everyone just goes back to partying not sure what happened to punchy from there.

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Second story, probably the best...

At a dive bar in beautiful Benicia, CA (Bottom of the Fifth) and was with my usual group of cronies.  We were in "our spot" at the end of the bar, near the jukebox.  My one buddy had been drinking since the afternoon and was saucy as all hell.  For some reason he was winking at everyone.  Girls, guys, didn't matter.  One guy that was at the jukebox didn't take kindly to the winking and told my buddy "wink at me again and I'll knock you out".  So... of course... what does my buddy do?  Oh yeah right on cue... WINK.  It was a flurry of commotion... like the cartoons where you just see a dust cloud and there'll be a random fist or entire arm emerge from the fracas.  My buddy was on the ground, another buddy on the ground and 2-3 "opponents".  There may or may not have been pool cues (and balls) involved.   I was tearing people off the fracas like peeling an onion... felt someone grab my shoulder and I whipped around ready to either defend myself or take a swing and noticed it was a cop.  They cuffed my buddy and the "wink" guy and had the place cleared out.  It was only late afternoon.  I got to stay in the bar as I worked at the joint (although not working that shift) and was coherent enough to give good information.  They ultimately let everyone go and we went back to getting even more smashed.  Good times.

I was at a piano bar at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach. This was maybe 4 years ago. I was at the main bar, which is raised a couple steps over the main floor where there are some tables and the piano area. There were a bunch of ####### golfers at the bar, probably a group of 10. None of my buddies were there at the time, it was just me.

One particularly drunk ####### golfer stumbles in to me about halfway through the night, knocking half of my beer on me and half on the floor. I tell him he needs to chill the #### out. **** didn't even buy me a beer, but I just let it go. I was enjoying my evening and didn't want to ruin it.

Maybe an hour later I am at the bar talking to a girl and her friend. The same ####### golfer is immediately next to me and the girl I was talking to. All of a sudden the guy bends over at the waist and ####### pukes all over the floor. It splashes right on my foot and the girls foot. I mean it is everywhere and I am ####### livid.

I lose my ####### #### and yell "WHAT THE #### IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?"

I grab the guy by the shirt with both hands and literally throw the guy down the couple stairs onto the main floor and into a high top table. He crashes into the table, the table and chairs go everywhere, and he falls to the ground. I follow him and pick his ### up and push him into another table. The whole time I'm in his face asking him what the #### he's doing, asking him if he knows he just puked on a nice lady's foot, etc. I grab him again by the shirt with both hands again and start guiding him towards the exit, cussing and raging at him. At this point someone must have told a bouncer what happened and they come over and grab him and throw him out.

The bar staff apologize to me and the lady, let us in a restroom with a hose and let us clean off our legs and feet. After we come out they let us have free shots for the rest of the night.

Good times.

Southern New Jersey, Millville: circa 1994?

Two guys started going at it during a pool game, which escalated to several people.  A guy with an arm cast covering his hand and up to about an inch below his elbow.  He started swinging that cast like a mace!  Blood was everywhere.  It was an incredible sight.

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In my early 20's, was at a bar with a bunch of friends.  One of them met up with his girlfriend there. She was pretty drunk and, well, flirty with everyone except my buddy.  He got into it with some guy she was flirting with and, appropriately, the guy says "Don't blame me.  Tell her to stop.  If she comes over to talk, I'm going to talk to her."

Sure enough, she ends up going back over there soon after and my buddy tries to take it out on the guy again and they start scuffling.  They break it up and we all decide to get out of there, cut away from her and the drama and go somewhere else (lots of bars in the area).  

We get outside and the guy storms out looking for my buddy.  I tell him to calm down, we're headed somewhere else and it's over.  He tells me "Get out of my way or I'll kick your @$$ first" and instinctively, I just crushed him with a right cross to the jaw.  Like a movie, he staggered back a few steps and fell out cold flat on his back.  I found out later his jaw was broken and needed to be wired shut.  Only time I've ever hit someone like that but it was a haymaker.

Edit to add:  I ended up sleeping with the girl after my friend dumped her not long after that night.  She was trouble, but an absolute tiger in the sack.

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Wasn't a bar but I was at a Nuggets/Lakers game in Denver during the Carmelo days.  Unbeknownst to me, my brother was at the same game.  After the game was over I was heading to my car and I see my brother.  He looked like he had gotten thrown into the ring with Tyson.  Swollen eye, broken nose, big knot on his forehead, and blood all over his shirt.  I asked him wtf happened, and I kid you not, his only response was, "you should see the other guy".  I later found out the whole story from his friends.

Apparently my brother was drunk (he does that) and talking crap (he does that) to a group of Lakers fans after the game.  Two of them took it upon themselves to start wailing on my brother.  He's a tough kid, just out of the army and didn't go down but the first guy busted his nose with the first punch.  After that, the second guy jumped in and kicked my brother in the head.  My brother's friend was going to stand by when it was a 1 on 1 fight but when the second guy jumped in, my brothers friend jumped in.  He knocked both guys out in 3 punches.  It still cracks me up to this day that my brother somehow tried to take credit for his friend TKOing two guys.

PS - I slept with his friends mom in a hotel hot tub when we were both down visiting my brother and his friend after they finished boot camp.  No more details so this thread doesn't get locked.

An almost bar fight, and with my kid brother at that.

Halloween.  I am out dressed as a scarecrow, something I could squirrel together from things around the apartment. I am at a bar and leaning up against a wall.  I have a pole through the arms of my shirt holding my arms out horizontally from elbow to elbow. I have a pillow case covering my face, a flannel shirt, some overalls, gloves, and corn husks and hay sticking out around the cuffs and collar. My kid brother who should be 400 miles away shows up in the bar.  He is tripping.  He comes up to me.  He is uncertain if I am a person in costume or a decoration at the bar.  He gets real close and then pokes me to check it out.  I say "Hi Tommy".  He freaks and takes a swing.  I moved, fortunately because folks don't survive his punches very well.  We get it figured out with no damage.  I took the pole out of my arms realizing just how vulnerable I was.

Another time we were very messed up and leaving the Caboose in the Twin Cities after a show.  Some yahoo had parked me in. We waited around maybe twenty minutes and then I got impatient.  The car parking me in was parked on a sheet of ice.  No problem.  I used my vehicle to slide that vehicle out of the way.  Right then the owner and his four buddies showed up wanting an explanation. Well there was no damage to their car but was, apparently, to their psyche.  They wanted to fight.  The spokesperson for the group boldly predicted they would kick our asses with it being 5 on 2.  I then hear my brother say "correction its 4 on 2" as he drops a haymaker on the spokesperson.  He then says "correction 3 on 2" and he drops another with one shot.  One of the three who was remaining standing grabbed me, the first physical action from the group.  My brother knocks the both of us up onto the hood of their car with me now on top.  My brother then says "You got this", and "boy are you guys in trouble now" as he sits down on the hood of my truck to have a smoke.  He starts chanting "3 on 1, lets see how it goes".  The other guys were more concerned with picking up their two damaged comrades off of the icy parking lot than continuing our interaction.  We left without further incident.

Me, it is a very rare occurrence that I can be moved to violence.  I don't believe in fighting, it accomplishes nothing. Being decades out of my 20's incidences just don't arise now as they did when I was younger, but even then I tried to avoid such matters.

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I pulled a Ralphie from A Christmas Story  when I was a kid once. Older kid used to pick on me at the bus stop and one day I had enough and punched him in the face and gave him a bloody nose. Never bothered me again. That's all I've got.

I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Truth be told, I have not been in a physical altercation since high school.  While there may or may not have been alcohol involved, there was no bar.

Worked behind bars in New Orleans all through college and law school. Too many to recall. Got stomped by the LSU baseball team once for a while before our door crew got a handle on the situation. I had one buddy who worked at the door of our place who liked to brawl. One time we walk into a new bar after a day of drinking and he immediately finds the biggest roughest guy in the place, walks up to him, says "I love to fight, and I can see you do, too, so let's just go outside and get this over with now, so we can get on with the drinking." Long pause as the guy looks at him, then he laughs and we all become drinking buddies. New Orleans in the 80s/90s was a crazy world and being in the bar scene meant I usually didnt pay for drinks, couldnt get arrested if I tried, and had backup in every joint. Lucky I made it out alive, to be honest.  

I think I’m with [icon] here. I’ve never been a big fan of bar fights, but have ended up in a bunch. There was a period of about three years where the only way I knew it was time to leave the bar was when someone in our group started throwing hands, so we all had to fight, and then we got kicked out.

There was one time when I was driving out of a parking lot with some dude hanging off the hood of my car trying to punch me through the drivers side window. Woke up the next morning with a bloody shirt and no pants.


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