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The MFL-10'S r open draftmaster style (1 Viewer)


10 bucks.. If u win 12 team league u win 100., runner ups get free entry next year. Jump n now u might even get a chance to beat the mighty BUCKEYEDAWGS as we love the early draftmasters. after all we retired mcfaldens premier grand champion draftmaster. sign up thru any mfl league site. SLOW DRAFTS 12 HOUR TIMERS. Just a notice to get them filled faster so we can draft faster as I was surprised to see they are already open when checking to0day.

Awesome, really glad they decided to do best ball this year. Much easier to join a bunch of these and not have to worry about in season management.

yes they draft as soon as filled. it's been 24 hours and i still have not been notified to start so it must be slow ride time of year though I used to draft a lot of leagues and rookie drafts in MAY.

bonka..... I agree but I will buy a bunch of both.. nice practice and beats mocks.

Buy and draft 9 teams . win just one u have a profit. to me it's a nice cheap way to practice off season.

rosters 20.... with pre season yet to begin I kinda wish the early drafts were 22 or 24 so we could have a little more depth to account for rookie guessing, pre season adjusting and injuries but just like last year these things are about as good as they get if you dont want to spend a lot of money and they paid me pretty fast though my real leagues beat them by a few days.

we start in one hour league 72262 and i got last pick! should b fun! probably full of football guys thanks to me and my bored post here. mfl should reward me for advertiseing for them plus winning the draftmaster premier despite jeff p giving me 6th pick in his retarted 3rr garbage which is reason i retired in first place after whiping him from 6 hole. now i shut up and draft baby! im the #### vitale of fantasy football!!!


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