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The Proving Grounds: Free League Network - FULL (1 Viewer)

Pengs and Phils

-----------WE ARE FULL----------
The Proving Grounds (TPG) is a free fantasy football league network. The league is meant to have fun, free competition. Founded in 2012, TPG has 72 spots available for owners each year. The leagues are run on ESPN, and all information is stored on our official site, found above. The first year was a huge success, and the league network only has around thirty spots left for 2013! Below is a quick rundown on the settings and other information.

The idea of TPG is to create a free place for competitive fantasy football. Most of our owners come from ESPN and we are hoping to expand our community and find better owners. We also emphasize fairness to all owners, and give priority to new owners, and those owners who performed better in past TPG leagues. You can sign up at the link found below.


12 Team Leagues

Standard Fractional ESPN Scoring with 0.5 PPR

Rosters: ESPN Standard

Full Settings and Rules

Tiering Information

There are three tiers in TPG. All new owners begin in the first tier as one of 72 owners referred to as a "class". The top four from each league will advance to the second tier the next year. Those who do not advance will have to reapply the next season. Those who advance will compete in two leagues with the same settings. The top six of these leagues will compete in a final league for the title of class champion. Those who fail to advance at any tier must sign up again to compete the following year. They all will be placed in the first tier.

If you have any questions, check out our site. If you cannot find your answer there, feel free to ask on this thread, or contact us via the site.


Pengs and Phils, TPG Founder

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Thanks to those that applied thus far, we are within 2 to 4 days of completing our 2013 recruiting. We have over sixty signups for this season! Join while you still can, we may fill as early as tomorrow.

great to have some people from over here, good luck. All the info you need was emailed to you or can be found on the site.

One spot left! Thanks again to everyone who applied.


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