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Thin at WR part deux (1 Viewer)

Had asked this question previously and appreciate all the answers. Unfortunately I got jackcrap during waivers (I had tried to get Coutee, Taywan Taylor, John Brow, Taylor Gabriel)

Scoring: 1 point per 10 yards rushed / received, 2 point bonus for 100, 150 and 200 yards, 0.5 PPR.

Roster:  QB: Cousins / Dalton; RB: Hunt / Hyde / Yeldon / Bernard / Breida / Chubb; WR: Julio / Tate / Enunwa / Cobb

Here is who is available:

  • Waivers - Mike Williams
  • FA - Crowder, Albert Wilson, Christian Kirk, Moncrief
Crowder may have a decent scoring floor and he is nominally the WR1 there. Mike Williams is probably the most exciting option of this bunch but of course he'll be boom or bust if there are no other injuries

My instinct says to dump Bernard and Cobb and pick up these Crowder and Williams.

Thoughts are welcome. Will answer yours.

Williams and Wilson. Are all the Indy guys taken? If not Grant, Rogers or Pascal are worth a flyer while TY is out.

Thanks! All 3 Indy WR's are available. I think the assumption is that TY is coming back next week although the hamstring injury could be a lingering issue.

I've liked Kirk since preseason. He may be a good pick up since Fitz is nursing a bad hammy as well


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