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Thoughts on my team / how to improve? (1 Viewer)


My league is 10 team, half PPR. We start 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 QB. My team is:

QB: Lamar Jackson

RB: Joe Mixon, Alexander Mattison, Rachaad White, Javonte Williams, Brian Robinson

WR: Jamarr Chase, Garrett Wilson, Deandre Hopkins, Marquise Brown, Jaxson Smith Njigba, Elijah Moore, Courtland Sutton

TE: TJ Hockenson

DEF: Dallas

IDP: CJ Moseley

K: None

The plan is to see how Thursday and the 1pm games go and see if I need to drop Sutton for a kicker. RB is definitely my weak spot, but not by a ton, and all 5 are strong candidates to lead their teams in carries. I’m thinking that if some of my backend receivers have great starts to the season, I could package them into a solid RB1-2 trade and really be strong all-around. Thoughts?
This feels like a solid team to me…I’m not 100% just because it’s 10 team league but it appears solid to me. If you don’t need a kicker I agree, hold off but if you do I think Sutton or maybe Moore? may be the drop…I’d also like to keep both though just in case one blows up and I like the idea of a trade of back end receivers go off…


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