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Tight End Help (1 Viewer)


One point PPR League

I currently have Robert Tonyan as my only Tight End.  It's clear that he's becoming a Touchdown dependent option.  He's had 4 targets in week one, 3 targets in week 2, and only 1 target in week 3.

I could roll with Tonyan and hope the targets increase or that his TDs increase, or I can go with somebody else.

On the wire are Conklin, Schultz, Kmet, Knox, Ertz to name a few.  

I'm thinking Schultz might be a better option.  Two touchdowns not withstanding, he's caught six out of six targets in week one and six out of seven targets in week three.  Ertz also had a good game this weekend after two nothing games in weeks one and two.

Would you take a gamble on somebody like Schultz or one of the other guys listed, or would you just ride with Tonyan and hope for the best?

Thanks!  Will answer yours if you leave a link.



I would go with Conklin.  He will continue to get consistent targets and the Vikes are humming on offense right now.  Schultz still has Jarwin and the WR's to compete with.  


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