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Titans hire Gregg Williams (1 Viewer)

I'm kind of iffy on this one. Is he kind of thought of as a rat by players now?
Just my personal speculation here... but I think he'll be fine in the long run. It might be rough the first few weeks or months, but most everyone will move past it.
Gregg is a top defensive mind that hasn't always had the best talent.Tennessee needs to move forward from Fisher. Before Fisher left, they lost some big time coaches, and since he left they lost more obviously.Hiring Moore last year was enormous. Hiring Williams brings another high quality high caliber name to the franchise.Mike Munchak was an outstanding OL that everyone loved. His offensive lines were awesome and so well respected around the league. Regardless of whether the Titans were a good team or not, their lines concerned opponents in preparation. As a head coach, this is not "a Munchak team."In theory, there should always be 11 guys on the field giving a ridiculous amount of effort and the announcers should be discussing tremendous hustle and determination. Can Munchak field an entire team of hustling tough guys in today's NFL? Do the egos and big salaries and pampering even permit such a development?I think Munchak has to redefine what a Munchak coached team is. I will give ya that Marvin Lewis took too long, but he redefined what we all thought his team would be like with a top D and just so ferocious on D...like those old Ravens.I don't think guys like Cook (free agent) and Britt (in trouble or injured...often with a typical star WR attitude) fit in. I don't think the GM would move them and I'm not sure Munchak would ask.A guy like Finnegan, who plays in STL...he never played for Munchak (he was a DB) but would so be a Munchak guy wanting to be rough with WRs, overcome his small size with tenacity and hustle. Cortland was vocal and a pretty big loss for the Titans. They covered OK this year, but they lost alot of fire in their play.Vandenbosch is the quintessential hustler and Schwartz leaped to get him in Detroit. I'm still sore they let their FB go and ....a former marine as a FB is great for a certain style of football. It's just so perfect.Munchak could have had a firey team that we all called a Munchak team, but they lost a lot of fire in their belly type guys.Their DL overperformed under their former DL coach who left for Philly and is now the Lions. Washburn was everything Munchak was to the OL, to the DL. Since he left, flaws have been exposed and we've seen how great a coach Washburn was. Munchak is going to have to either get his hands on those DL or hire a DL coach with his style. They're just not good enough.By not good enough, I mean Titans football is two excellent lines. Good doesn't cut it. The offensive line got it together in 2012 and we saw CJ do well again and everything's good. That has to remain, and the DL has to get the same improvement. The Titans are a good team that can look great if their lines play well. If they don't, they get beat very soundly and are so exposed. From somewhere in the 80s for like 20 years, they always had solid LBs that were near pro bowl type good-not great, but so solid and respected. They don't have that. Their DBs are not Finnegan. Michael Griffin is awesome but if your safety has a ton of tackles, everyone in front of him isn't getting it done. That DL has to produce, they're just not good enough behind em'. If the DL does well, then we can talk about ballhawk corners being opportunistic and the whole world changes. I give Gregg Williams two minutes to be discussing the DL. The job was agreed upon before he was reinstated (so many report as such) so this guy has a plan the Titans wanted badly. Schwartz adored a younger guy in Detroit that the Rams just hired to be their DC. If Fisher knew of Schwartz' love for the guy, then the Titans did. They didn't go after Tim Walton, they wanted Williams. They got their guy so I expect good things.

Judging by the way the Titans played last year I don't think they have any sort of bounty program that they have to worry about getting ratted out.

Bri and I will disagree on much (like the o line play getting it together last year. They were terrible.). But I do agree the williams hire is a good one. He's a good defensive coordinator and is able to mold the personnel he has to his system. I expect them to address the interior line in the first round and then focus on defense -every position is fair game - the rest of the way.


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