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Too good to be true trade for Chase? (1 Viewer)


Might be able to swing A Mattison and A Cooper for J Chase in 10 team .5PPR.

Current roster:
QB: J Allen
RB: Bijan
RB: Mattison
WR: Diggs
WR: Cooper
FLEX: Puca

Breece Hall
J Dotson
Dionte Johnson
J Addison
D London
Z Charbonnet

Too much to give up for Chase? I don't think so but wanted other opinions. Maybe I'm missing something? Shocked the other manager is actually seriously considering this. He is 0-2 and just lost Chubb so maybe he's desperate?
No, I just threw the thought out there to him and he said he "might be down for that". So it's a possibility. That's why I'm surprised and thought maybe I might be missing something.

My ONLY concern is my RB depth. I know Mattison hasn't been good but he at least has some decent matchups coming up. I can't count on Breece yet to start week in, week out at my RB2 and I don't have anyone else to throw in there in his place for the time being trading Mattison away. My other RBs are handcuffs. My thought was to swing another deal to get a depth RB for one of my other WRs since I have depth but it seems only 2-3 teams in my league have all the RBs and they don't trade at all.

BUT, this would give me a hero RB build where I can try to plug 'n play my RB2 until hopefully Breece is playing at a level consistently and/or one of the young RBs take over for any reason... and hope to rely on WRs and Bijan to carry that one possible down position.

Or, with how the RB landscape is right now, should I hold onto Mattison (even forgoing getting a 1st round type talent in Chase) as I do have three guys I CAN play?

In this 10 team league, the way the rosters are, I feel like I'm in an arms race with 2-3 other teams who have really good teams (somehow all freaking auto-picked).
Too much?

Mattison, Addison, Cooper and LaPorta


Chase and Lockett?

Or should I just keep Addison out and do Mattison, Cooper and Laporta for Chase?

Current roster:
QB: J Allen
RB: Bijan
RB: Breece
WR: Diggs
WR: Puca
TE: Andrews
FLEX: Addison

Dionte Johnson

Again... 10 team / .5ppr / Redraft

1st place team, who has McCaffery and Aj Brown, just made a deal for T Hill (for M Evans and Kamara). Trying to keep up with the "arms race". Lol!
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You have the depth to do either deal. I might try and keep Addison out but I wouldn't let that be a deal breaker.

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