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Too many options! (1 Viewer)


We play 2 RBs, 2 WRs and 1 flex - I'm struggling with my options - for sure playing Hopkins
QB - Luck
RB - Jones vs Min, Breida vs TB, Fournette vs Buf, Mack vs Mia
WR - Hopkins, Evans vs SF, Hilton vs Mia

Not sure I really want to go all in on the Indy game playing Luck,  Mack and Hilton.  So then do I start Mack or Hilton?
Do I go all 3 WRs and just 2 RBs?  

I'm leaning:  Evans, Breida, Fournette, Mack

I'm going crazy with this - barely hanging on to 4th playoff spot.

Standard league, non-ppr



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