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Trade Advice: Bell for Chubb? Keeper League (1 Viewer)

Trade Bell for Chubb in PPR Keeper League?

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Hurl Bruce

I'm in a PPR Keeper league and am fighting for a playoff spot.

Would you trade Lev Bell for Nick Chubb? 

There are no limits to how long I can keep a player and no sacrificing any picks.  Would I have to give or would I ask to get any draft capital in addition to the players?



I would trade Bell for Chubb.  I am not sure the Chubb owner would do it straight up after this last week. 

Bell is a huge question mark because you have no idea where he will end up or if that year off takes something away from him.  There is just no way to know what he will get back to. 


Mr. Irrelevant

IBL Representative
I’d take Chubb. Two reasons:

(1) You’re fighting for a playoff spot. Chubb will  help you this year while Bell obviously won’t.

(2) Chubb’s range of outcomes is skewed far more to the upside. I’d guess he’s probably valued at ~RB12-14 in dynasty right now. Even if he does nothing at all special ROY, his age and draft pedigree won’t drop him much heading into next season. But if he blows up down the stretch, he could easily be valued as a top-6 RB asset going forward (see also: Kamara, Alvin). By contrast, Bell’s range of outcomes has a heavier downside skew. 


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