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Trade advice - JuJu/5th for A-Rob/1st (1 Viewer)


Currently sitting at 7-4, along with four others, in a 14-team IDP dynasty league.

I have an offer to receive JuJu (4 years remaining on contract) and a 5th rounder in exchange for Allen Robinson (2) and a 1st rounder.  This pick will likely be in the 1.03-1.06 range.

I would have 2 1sts remaining if I made the deal, one of which is likely 1.02... if that means anything to ya.

Current WRs are Diggs, Landry and Cooper.  Can start 2-4 WRs.

Inclination is to take the deal, but have already countered, asking to also flip me a high 3rd rounder for a later 4th.  That would seal it for me.

I'm likely paying a premium given I'm in such a playoff race.  If I was making this kind of deal in the off-season, I'd look for more.



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