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Trade Breida for Brees and Ajayi? (1 Viewer)

12 team ppr redraft. Currently 1-2. Dalton is current QB. Very thin at RB, have freeman and Bell

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12 team redraft league.  Currently 1-2.  Below is my team.  Hurting at RB

QB = Dalton

RB = Bell, Freeman, Breida, Mack, Hines, Penny, Edmonds

WR = M. Thomas, Watkins, Cole, Baldwin, Jeffery, Callaway

TE = Eifert

Absolutely yes.  Brieda is in a timeshare, whereas Ajayi is the lead back (when healthy).  A free Drew Brees just for swapping RBs, yes please!

I would have to agree with wlwiles.  This seems like a no-brainer accept as quick as you can.

Worst case scenario Breida and Ajayi are a wash and then you get Brees

I think Breida is going to face stacked boxes with Jimmy Grapes gone.


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