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Trade CJ Mosley? (1 Viewer)


Was offered two trades for CJ Mosley for the team in my sig. Thoughts?

Fairley, Nick DET DT
Spikes, Brandon BUF LB
Year 2015 Draft Pick 1.13
Year 2015 Draft Pick 2.15
Year 2015 Draft Pick 3.06
Year 2015 Draft Pick 4.04
Year 2015 Draft Pick 5.10
Year 2015 Draft Pick 7.04
Year 2016 Round 3 Draft Pick from CAROLINA PANTHERS
Year 2016 Round 4 Draft Pick from ST. LOUIS RAMS

for CJ Mosley


Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR
Spikes, Brandon BUF LB
Year 2015 Draft Pick 2.15
Year 2015 Draft Pick 3.06
Year 2015 Draft Pick 5.10
Year 2015 Draft Pick 7.04
Year 2016 Round 4 Draft

32 Team 2 Player Pool 54 Man Roster + 10 T.S.
.5 PPR RB, 1 PPR WR/TE, .2 Rushing Yard, .2 Rush Att, 2 Tackle 4 Sacks LB/DB, 3 Tackle 6 Sacks DL, .2 Comp, .02 per attempt, 4 Pass TD, .5 Per Ret, .05 Per Ret Yards
1 Qb, 3 RB/WR/TE, 2 WR, 1DT, 2DE, 4LB, 2CB, 2S, PK, PN, HC, Team O
QB: Newton, Josh McCown
RB: CJ Anderson, Roy Helu, DeAnthony Thomas, Deangelo Williams, Jonas Gray, Anthony Dixon, Darrin Reaves
WR: Antonio Brown, Allan Robinson, John Brown, Stedman Bailey, Marlon Brown, Aaron Dobson, Robert Woods, Jeff Janis, Rod Streeter, Reggie Wayne, Albert Wilson
DT: Clinton McDanial
DE: Muhammed Wilkerson, Jason Pierre-Paul, Scott Crichton
LB: CJ Mosley, Brandon Marshall, Chris Borland, Anthony Barr, Von Miller, Jerod Mayo
CB: Ron Parker, Trumaine Johnson, Kareem Jackson, Bene Benwikere, Darqueze Dennard
S: Harrison Smith, TJ ward, Donte Whitner, Dawan Landry, Terrance Brooks, Shamarko Thomas
PK: Justin Tucker
PN: Marquette King
HC: Bilichek
Team O: Seahawks
Picks: 6.16, 7.16 2016 6, 7

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I can't imagine passing on the Nuk trade. You get a WR that's 22 and should be a tremendous, long-term asset in PPR even with some questions on that offense at QB. My quick math has them pretty even in points for your scoring, correct? I'd take the shelf life and reliability of a WR every time. Getting picks in the deal is a steal, I'd say. I will add one caveat: I have zero experience with a league that big (never had more than 12 teams in a league) but I'd actually expect that to make WRs even more scarce, as LB turnover is higher from what I've seen in my few years of IDP.

You need to do something. Your RBs are drying up fast so the pressure to start 3WR is there.

Id take Hopkins and throw a lot of LB and RB darts in the draft.

Hopkins and its not close. If it weren't for the Hopkins offer, I'd also take the 1.13+picks. I just moved Mosley in a contract/dynasty with friendly salary for 1.10 + 5th rounder. Love him but its too easy to find replacement LBs to pass.

I take Hopkins for fun

When talking points the question is not Mosely vs Hopkins(even though I think Mosely high is near what his ceiling already while Hopkins can go up) but it is your O starter being replaced(Bailey maybe) and Mosely vs Hopkins and Mayo/Borland or Marshall as your #4 LB. And this is easy. All the other stuff is just huge bonus. With the depth of the draft you will be able to get a good LB again with basically the 23rd pick overall. Some nice LB's in this draft. In fact the 3.4 could bring a Stephon Anthony type of player and that is good also.

Uh, yeah I'd be all over either offer. Particularly since your roster needs better depth. LBs are valuable with your scoring and starting req but bottom line is that LB production is pretty easy to find off waivers and injuries are too frequent at LB to pass up on all that value.

I made the SB in a league last year with Burris, Wilhoite, Preston Brown, Hightower, Hawthorne, Hitchens, Rolando McClain and Jacquian Williams at LB. Pretty much all of them were waiver pickups. That league has a similar format as yours. Depth at LB is more important than elite players when you're starting four every week.

You're only starting 2 safeties and there is no need to stash CBs, so I'd make cuts there and fill the roster with more DE and LB talent and depth. I always cut all my CBs at the end of the season. And two starting safeties is the easiest thing to find.

You also have a lot of taxi squad spots but no picks so that's another reason to take one of the offers. Take advantage of the flexibility the taxi squad provides.


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