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Trade Input - Deadline Fast Approaching! (1 Viewer)


Hello Fantasy Football Members!

I’m in a total keeper dynasty league non PPR.  I’ve been offered Antonio Brown, Deon Lewis and his 5th Round Pick for next year and I would be giving up Jordan Howard, Courtland Sutton and my Number 1 pick for next year.  Do I really need to make this move?  Can I make a run for playoffs without making the trade.  Here is nucleus of my team:

Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Tyreek Hill, Tyler Boyd, Courtland Sutton, Mark Ingram, Chris Carson, Jordan Howard, Isaiah Crowell, Le’Veon Bell, Travice Kelce.

Thank you in advance for your input!

It all depends on your record and what your chances are for this year but I would probably do it, Lewis and Howard are a wash and Sutton and a 1st is a pretty fair price for a win it now scenario.

Depends on the size of your league plus your record and standing, but Brown is consistently in the discussion for the top WR.  I'd probably do that myself.

I'd make that deal. Brown is easily the most valuable part of that deal, and will still have a ton of trade value next year if you decide to move on then. This is a small price to pay for a top-10 overall player.

Easy accept.  That is really cheap for Brown and he will still have value for another couple years.


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