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12 Team PPR..was thinking of offering up a trade of jav. williams, alex collins and ty hilton for CMC...my current other players are

QB josh allen, watson

RB gibson, gainwell, z. moss, jav. williams, collins, mack, hunt(IR)

WR metcalf, diggs, toney, hilton

TE waller, ertz

he is in need of RB help...he has 

QB danny dimes

RB CMC(IR), carson(IR), gaskin, breida

WR hill, k. allen, ruggs, waddle, juju(IR), aiuk, boyd

TE hockensen, kmet



Is this dynasty or redraft (curious, I would think redraft but he has Juju on IR)

I'd reject that as a CMC owner. Offering three players who are, for all intents and purposes, flex plays, wouldn't cut it.



This is light for CMC.  I would need someone that is an upgrade to my lineup that makes it worthwhile to miss out on CMC playoff potential 


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