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trade mike anderson rb (for) IDPs (1 Viewer)

s d lynn

start -- qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, te, pk, 2 dt/de, 2 lb, 2 db/s

Got a ridiculous trade offer: Mike Anderson for Plax Burress

What about this counter:

Mike Anderson --- Alex Brown --- Bryan Scott (for)

Freeny --- Barber --- Calico


Bulger - Roethlisberger

Alexander, Anderson, Davenport, Henry, Rudi ,Parker

Clayton TB, Curry, Wayne, Evans

Heap, Kleinsasser


Peppers, Okeafor, A.Brown

Peterson, Pierce, A. Davis

S. Knight, M. Lewis, B. Scott


CPepp - Harrigton

Foster - Edge -Taylor

Harrison - smoss, Burress, calico, Randle El

D Clark

Reed- Stover

Freeeny - Kearse

Arrington - Boulware - Mcginest

Bailey - Barber - Madison

How many teams? With a small roster like that I'd jjust grab reinforcements of the WW. Wait to see if any surprise IDPs emerge during week 1 and grab them.


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