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Try and trade Ware to the Charles owner? (1 Viewer)


Posted Today, 06:22 PM

Not sure if I should try this move or not while Ware is a sell high. I'd really like more depth at RB but he has none to spare. He's got a lot of receivers and I'm wondering if I could package another receiver with Ware for one of his top 3. If I could get one I then would like to trade that player to the Martin owner since he has Gurley, Crowell, Martin, Stewart and West. Any thoughts are appreciated. 

10 team standard league. Currently 3-3, Offensive player spot that everyone fills with a QB. 


Cam Newton
Carson Palmer
David Johnson
Matt Forte
Mike Evans
Jarvis Landry
Stefon Diggs
Jesse James (will stream someone else this week)
Matt Bryant


Spencer Ware
Randall Cobb
Bilal Powell
Tyrell Williams
Cameron Meredith
Tyler Eifert
Alex Smith
Kenneth Dixon

His Team:

Russell Wilson
Jamaal Charles
Carlos Hyde
Larry Fitzgerald
Marvin Jones
Jordy Nelson
Matt Stafford
Travis Kelce


Tyler Lockett
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Will Fuller
Mike Wallace
Gio Bernard
I think Ware continues doing what he is doing.  Charles didn't look right this weekend.  He didn't have the same burst and looked tentative at times.  Some of that may be due to the field conditions (raining all game long) but Ware looked much, much better and explosive than Charles.  I would be playing Ware over Forte at this point.

I think rather than trying to force a trade with Ware to the Charles owner since it doesn't sound like you really want any of his players.  You could try putting Ware out on the block and see if anybody else is interested but I am guessing most owners will think he is only a handcuff at this point.  I think he has more value to you playing.

I also am not a fan of going after Martin.  I don't like his injury and I was never sold on him.  I would rather have West off his team as he will probably be cheaper and is the only guy in town in Baltimore since Dixon seems to still be off due to his injury.


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