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Two dynasty superflex PPR orphans available (1 Viewer)


Hello - I have two open spots (Team 11 & Team 12) in a 12 Team Dynasty SuperFlex PPR league. Hoping to fill these teams, collect remaining dues, and draft soon. League has been ongoing for 4 years, with little turnover.

Minionworld Fantasy League 2023 Sleeper League: sleeper (dot) com/i/k5QPbNWjQMxw
You can view the full roster for both teams along with historical scoring

  • Team 11: Draft Slot #5 w/ Cousins, Harris, Ridley, Pickett
  • Team 12: Draft Slot #6 w/ Herbert, G Wilson, Pollard, R Wilson

League Highlights:
  • Starters: 11
    • QB: 1 (6pt per TD)
    • RB: 2
    • WR: 2
    • TE: 1
    • Flex (RB, WR, TE): 4
    • SuperFlex (QB, RB, WR, TE): 1
  • Non-Starters: 22
    • No Kickers, No Defense
    • Bench: 16
    • Taxi Squad (Rookies only): 3
    • Injured Reserve: 3
  • Regular Season: Weeks 1 - 14
  • Playoffs: Weeks 15 - 17
    • Playoff Seeding: Division Winner > Win/Loss > Points Scored
    • Toilet Bowl: Bottom half teams play for 1st overall pick to prevent tanking
  • Payouts: Playoff Bracket
    • The Champion will win 65% of the prize pool. ($390)
    • The Championship game runner up (2nd Place) will be awarded with 25% of the prize pool. ($150)
    • The team that scores the most points throughout the regular season will be awarded with 10% of the prize pool. ($60)
    • Winner gets rookie slot 12, with 2nd place having 11, and so on until 6th in the bracket slots in 7th
  • Payouts: Toilet Bowl
    • The Toilet Bowl Champion will earn rookie slot 1 in each round of the following season
    • The 2nd Place team will be awarded with 2nd slot in each round, 3rd place with 3rd, and so on until 6th place having slot 6
    • This setup is to prevent tanking and keep the league competitive, and is open to change via league vote (9/12)
  • Annual Rookie Draft is 5 rounds
    • Slow draft following NFL draft
    • Has not yet taken place for 2023
  • Annual dues: $50 / team (LeagueSafe)
We’re holding off on drafting until filling these last two spots.

Thanks for looking. Let me know if you’re interested.
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