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UNIQUE 16 Team League Looking For Owners $50 Entry w/Leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


I am running a 16 team league on fanstar.com with a unique set up. Buy in is $54 thru leaguesafe...$50 goes into the league pool and $4 from everyone goes to pay for the commissioner service. The league works like this...there are 16 teams split up into 4 divisions each with 4 teams. The 4 divisions are split into 2 conferences. Each team plays the other 7 teams in their conference twice during a 14 week regular season. The 4 division winners advance to the playoffs with the semis in Week 15 and the championship in Week 16.

Payouts are as follows...$800 total

$100 goes to each division winner and then 1st place gets an additional $300 and second an additional $100. All funds will be held by Leaguesafe and will be paid out at the end of the season.

Snake draft is set for Labor Day night at 7:30pm Eastern Time.

Rosters will consist of 16 players per team with 9 starters and 7 bench spots.


2 RBs

2 WRs




Team D/ST

Scoring is pretty basic with the exception of yardage bonuses for 300+ yard games for QBs and 100+ yard games for RB/WR/TEs and doubles on TDs over 50 yards just to make things a little interesting. QB TD passes over 50 yards are worth 8 points instead of 4 and RB/WR/TE TDs over 50 yards are worth 12 instead of 6. .04 points for every 1 passing yard(1 point for every 25 yards) and .1 points for every 1 rushing/receiving yard(1 points for every 10 yards).

Anyone interested in more info or an invite can contact me at astainbrook35@gmail.com

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