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Unique re-draft / CBS / $200 / looking for owner (1 Viewer)


This is a unique re-draft league that offers a non-vanilla draft and in-season experience that's rule-set has largely reduced the luck factor of head to head formats ( while still incorporating H2H ). Owner decision-making is the key variable in determining the rank and file of the league...

Keep in mind, below is not the full rule set. If interested, email me at richgcarter@gmail.com, and I can send you the full set and invite to league to so you can poke around and see the legitimacy of the lineage.

Some key points:

-12 team - though we could be inclined to bump to 14
-$200 entry
-CBS is the interface we use
-Most of the owners in this league have played together either in this format or others for over two decades. This particular format is going on year five.
-We are in the process of selecting a draft date, but likely will be held on a date between August 19th-Sep 4th. Generally we have been doing week day drafting @ 7pm PST. We are all on the west coast.
-League fee due no later than a month before established draft date. Draft selection order will be pulled shortly thereafter. This is not the actual draft order - the order randomized is the order in which each owner will pick their draft spot for the draft.


PPR ( 1PPR ) / TE premium ( 1.5 PPR ) / decimal scoring: .10 per yard for WR/RB/TE / ,20 per yard for QBs / 6 points for ALL TDS
-We use DST and K.
K scoring is performance based on length of kick made.
DST scoring is fairly standard, but slightly juiced with a wrinkle for positive / negative points awarded based on points against given up. ****Defenses have value in this league - All are generally drafted on draft day.

Rosters / Line-ups

- 22 roster spots @ 12 owners. If we happen to bump to 14, we would drop down to 20 roster spots
-10 starters - 1 QB / 1 RB / 1 WR / 1 TE / 1 DST / 1 K mandatory + 4 flex
-Two flex options - 4 at ANY non-QB position, OR, an option which allows you to start a second QB with a caveat ( not a true super-flex - disclosed further in the league rules ).
****These lineup configuration options allows a myriad of drafting approaches and weekly line-up options/decisions which can be challenging, but also helps in navigating bye weeks and injury issues.
****Because of the parameters above, typical draft ADP does not apply in this league. All positions, except for K ( more on them below ), including defenses, are worked in early and throughout.


The league is a continuous 17 week contest. No "playoffs". No any one week more important than the next. Every owner plays all 17 weeks. At 12 teams, we play each team once from weeks 1-11, then from weeks 12-17, we have a defined scheduling grid that arranges the match-ups for that section of the season. In a nutshell, if you are in the top half of the standings, you will only play teams in weeks 12-17 in that portion of the standings. The same for the bottom half of standings. There is more to this in the full rule-set.

Trading is allowed until week 11

Free agents acquisitions are done via FAAB - $1000 budget - starting post-draft through week 17 once a week on Wednesdays. ***League wrinkle : MINIMUM bids on K's are $100 throughout the season. We believe that all positions must have some value and thought involved. Because cost of replacement of K is soo high, you must generally have to, in some way, plan your approach for K starting on draft day like all other positions.


We use a hybrid system that tallies your standing based on accruing "performance points" based on your weekly H2H matchup result AND your weekly points scored. Your weekly/final standing is based on 17 weeks of accruing said performance points. While I won't get into the exacts here for brevity sake, it is very simplistic in nature, and has been arranged to ensure both components ( weekly H2H result and "points for" ) equate as equally as possible in the standings. It would not make any sense to operate this way if one side of the scale was much heavier weighted than the other.

Again, this is most, but not all of the specifics of the rule-set. If interested, just shoot me an email at richgcarter@gmail.com.

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