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Unwarranted panic? (1 Viewer)


In my primary league I'm in first and 6-0 but just lost D. Freeman (who I haven't been playing) and possibly Marshawn Lynch who I have been playing. 1 pt ppr start 2 rb, 2 wr's, 1 TE 3 flex. I have great QB's WR's and TE's with Mahomes, Watson, M Thomas, OBJ, Sanders, Godwin, Gabriel, Lockett, Ertz and McDonald. My panic is over my remaining RB's in addition to Freeman and Lynch I only have Sony Michel, Ronald Jones and Aaron Jones. Of course I have the last pick on waivers so I'm sure Ito Smith will be gone but I may have a shot at Gore or Duke Johnson. Assuming I get one of those guys I am wondering if I should then drop Ronald Jones and pick up Jalen Richard or Doug Martin to cover Lynch in case he pulls a Freeman. Thoughts? No chance of trading since I've been trying for 3 weeks and no one will give up a RB.

I've heard Gruden really likes Doug Martin, but I really haven't paid much attention to Oakland this year to know much more than that.

I'd take a shot on Gore. I also noticed Duke Johnson usage starting to creep up so maybe that will continue. Problem with that is they keep saying Chubb needs more touches. Who knows how that backfield is going to look going forward.

It would he great of Green Bay figured out Jones is a pretty good back.

So as I suspected, Ito and Gore went before my pick so I ended up with Duke. So now the question is do I keep R. Jones in the hopes that he does eventually emerge in that backfield or drop him for Doug Martin? 

I have no issue dropping Jones for Martin.  It appears you need a back you can play right now so holding out hope for Jones is not a luxury you can afford at the moment. 


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