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Very Fun and Active 5 conference 60 Team league needs a few owners 5th Season (1 Viewer)


Very Fun and Active 5 conference 60 Team league needs a few owners

First of all, this league uses MyFantasyLeague.com simply because of the format of the league. We also heavily rely on Discord for all league chat and communication. If you're looking for a league where you just draft and set a roster and that's it then this league isn't for you. If you are looking for a fun and engaging league where you can meet some new friends and have fun on a social setting while also playing some fantasy football in a dynasty setting then welcome aboard. We are seeking people who will be active and will wants to take part in social engagment with the rest of the group. Several of the guys play together in multiple leagues on both Fantrax and MFL so it's possible joining this one league will also result in future leagues if you like the group and want to explore that as openings arise.

What makes the league unique?

First of all, we structure the league like it's college football (but yes we use NFL players). You pick a college team and you play in the conference that the team would be in. Our league is called NCAAPower5 (http://ncaapower5.com) because we have 5 twelve team conference (ACC, BIG10, BIG12, PAC12, SEC). You will draft NFL players like normal and run your team as you normally would in a NFL fantasy footbal environment. NCAA Power 5 is just our theme.

You start the season playing 2 out of conference games and then you play every team in your conference. The two top teams in the conference at the end will play in the Conference Championship Game. Then from there we have a Bowl Game Schedule where depending on your seeding you end up in a bowl game bracket - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jT04gdwTrEbPg_9W8tPd8x6SwHXei0rZJHgLG-BfrUg/edit#gid=0

We play for the National Championship, Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Citrus Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Outback Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Peach Bowl, Sun Bowl, Gator Bowl, Texas Bowl, Music City Bowl. It's fun to play in different bowl games and try to get a National Championship and Conference Championship. We track all of our league history for the fun of it (and bragging rights) This is our 5th season for 2024.

Here is our rules doc for more details on scoring, rosters, settings, etc - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Msm-VoBWi_LJZQXXP0LLxK8C3-TjyfPExL-uz752eWc/edit

It is a keeper league and the rules to being able to keep players depends on how many level years they have. You can keep QBs, WRs, TEs up until their 8th NFL season after that they are all 1 eyar rentals and become free agents every season. RBs have shorter lifespans like in real life so you can keep them up through their 6th NFL season and then they become 1 year rentals after that always going back into the draft pool in the offseason.

This is a money league as well and we use LeagueSafe for money keeping. The yearly fee is $153. $3.00 of each person’s entry fee will go to pay the $179.90 deluxe league fee for MFL. The other $150 of each entry fee will go into the pot to be paid back 100% through awards/winnings. This is the payout structure - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HsbmbrILUJM5PzxXGu7VSDquQr6vVl1UFKp-KPj5oZY/edit#gid=0

If you are interested please email me at jamesosteen1984@yahoo.com or stop by our Discord and let's talk - https://discord.gg/R6hkXSjb

Our current openings are:

Northwestern in the BIG10 (free for a year because the team is a rebuild and needs some work)

and then we have a 3 team dispersal in the SEC with openings for Miss St, Georgia, and Texas A&M.

Some images of the league...


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