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PPR 4 team playoffs are about to begin. One of these is me. Not sure if this is a format for a humblebrag or not:

We play 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 2 flex ppr. It's 2 weeks each round. A vs D and B vs C. 

I know I have a good chance to win but there should be some credit for assembling the most incredible team and I needed someplace to strut.

Team A (11-2):

Russ/ Tannehill

Jacobs/Gallman/ Mckissic

Claypool/Deebo Samuel/J Landry/ Tee Higgins/ Marvin Jones/ Curtis Samuel



Will Lutz

Team B (9-4)

Matt Ryan/ Cam Newton

Cook/ Robinson/ Chubb/ Gordon

Julio Jones/ Lockett/ Boyd/ Evans/ Antonio Brown


Patriots/ Bucs

Jason Myers

Team C (9-4)

Herbert/ Roethlisberger

D Henry/ A Eckler/ Antonio Gibson/ M Sanders/ Montgomery/ Dobbins

D Hopkins/ M. Thomas/ AJ Brown/ Golladay


Packers/ 49ers

Tyler Bass

Team D (8-5) tie record but tiebreaker is points.

D Watson/ Aaron Rodgers

McCaffrey/ D Johnson/ N Hines/ Ballage

DIggs/ Dionte Johnson/ Juju/ Meyers/ R. Anderson






There are weaknesses for each team.  None of them jump off the page as head and shoulders above the others.   I probably give the slight edge to Team B



A has been carried by Russ and Kelce.  Russ has a difficult road through the playoffs so one bad week and Team A could get bounced. 

B is solid, carried by Cook who has just a brutal playoff schedule.  Robinson and Chubb should be able to carry the load but with 2 flex B can't afford Julio to sit any more and is going to need to rely on Evans and maybe AB to step up. 

I'm guessing OP is Team C - nice squad for sure as long as Herbert's 0fer against NE was a one-week rookie blip.   Henry/Ekeler should be a nice 1-2 punch, if Gibson returns quickly from the toe and/or Hurts stabilizes the Philly Offense so that Sanders can be trusted then C is the favorite IMO.  Nice WRs too, don't even need Golladay to return and would maybe even bench him if/when he does. 

D could go boom just on CMC returning.  Too much reliance on Steelers WRs for my liking, but if D can pick the right QB each week and CMC returns to Superman form D could make some noise in the playoffs.  

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@wlwiles  spot on. Read the situation like a book. Two weeks per round/ two rounds. Yes, the champ will be crowned using week 17 stats. 

Depending on how Chubb finishes up Sean's week, I have a little margin for error next week. 

QB question:

Herbert (LV, Den, KC)- I'll run him for sure week 15, Denver is iffy, KC is also iffy, they might be fighting for the only bye, that D is pretty good vs the pass and Herbert has been trending downward

Big Ben (Cin, Ind, CLE)- barring the unforeseen, he's on the bench for week 15, terrible matchup week 16 and Cleveland D is playing much better of late but Pittsburgh can't run the ball and they're going to be playing for seeding so maybe he's my guy in week 17?  I'm not convinced that he's worth keeping around given that his matchups are not great on the weeks I would want to bench Herbert. 

Waiver options:

Brees (KC, Min, Car)- Middle of the road matchups 16 and 17 and not sure when he'll be healthy/ effective. And with Taysom able to step in, there's no guarantee Brees plays any games in full if they're a blowout or if there's not much to play for/ seeding.

Goff (NYJ, Sea, Ari)- team B might pick him up tomorrow night so blocking him from competing might be worth it. There's no way B is happy with Matt Ryan/ Cam at the helm with his season on the line. Seattle seems to have improved defensively so not sure Goff has much value weeks 16/17 for me. 

Mayfield (NYG, NJY, Pit)- That Jets matchup is juicy. It'll be interesting to see how that game unfolds tonight. 

Hurts has Dalas in week 16, Trubisky has Jax

Week 17 has Rives at Jax.

Am I really going to try to run the table off waivers at QB? Didn't see this coming but Herbert no longer seems to be an elite option. We had a good run my man.


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