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WDIS flex and D/ST (1 Viewer)


Non PPR 5 point bonus for 100 yards

Options are Marlon Mack, Robert Woods, Edelman, Tyler Boyd.

Defense I am torn between Lions and Giants.

I've got Edelman but he's only cracked 100 yds twice and so has been somewhat TD dependent for scoring this season. Also only 7 receptions since the bye. I'd go Woods from that list. Most yardage & TD potential. Going to be cold but not very windy in Chicago Sunday. 

Giants all day for defense. I got burned last week thinking GB would perform well against a struggling Zona offense. Nope. 

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I may be in the minority, but I don't see the Giants D as a good option at all. Most of the time, when a crappy defense plays a crappy offense, it tends to benefit the offense. Add in a divisional game, and I'm not sure the Redskins don't have a decent game. I'd go Detroit, they are a better D than the Giants, and have a more uncommon matchup. 

I think Woods is the clear call at flex. He's been extremely consistent, and the Bears will give up a lot of yards Sunday Night, probably over 400. Woods has a 75 yard floor in my eyes, can't say I feel that confident about Boyd, Edelman, or Mack.


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