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.5 ppr 

Pick a rb

Drake vs mia


Gaskin @ oak


Pollard vs phi

Pick a wr

Julio vs Indy


Devonta smith @ dallas

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Pigskin Fanatic

very close, I'd order them Drake, Gaskin, Pollard because: MIA looks like the weakest run d so far of the three and Oak has a chance to get out to a big lead and run the ball. Barber of course comes into the picture, but Drake should be the lead back. Pollard I think saw his best game of the season already as long as Zeke is healthy. My only knock on Gaskin is Raiders d looks legit.

Julio looks like the definite safer floor at a decent level, but Smith I think has a much higher ceiling for this week. Jalen will take at least a few shots downfield with him. TB game exposed that dallas secondary, hope they are film studying the heck ouf of that game.



I'd easily go Julio over Devonta. Long ways to go before that is a question in my opinion. 

I'd go Drake at RB, even if Jacobs plays honestly. 



Drake for sure.

Then....higher floor Julio....higher ceiling Smith....I'm a high ceiling guy so....Smith


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