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Week 13 IDP Roundtable Podcast (1 Viewer)

Jene Bramel


I had the honor of sitting in Sig's host seat this week. John and I rambled on his spirit, but are looking forward to getting our pilot back in the cockpit next week.

Some detailed conversation on Akeem Jordan, Jason Babin, London Fletcher, Rocky Boiman, the Denver safeties, Kenny Phillips, Jason Allen, Brandon Chillar and plenty more.

Thanks very much for listening everyone and have a great Thanksgiving week!

Week 14?Come on, it's playoffs!
;) Had to push this week's recording back by a night.On the plus side, we'll catch the news on Chris Draft, Derrick Johnson, the Colt LBs and DJ Williams that we wouldn't have otherwise. We'll also have our fearless leader back to direct us and keep us focused.We'll have it up as soon as Cecil posts it early tomorrow AM.

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