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Week 13 injury thread (1 Viewer)

Were going to find out how serious Tate's injury is in a second.

EDIT - He's back in.

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Did Josh Gordon get hurt?
Yes, just went to locker room. Not sure what is the matter with him
heard his helmet was knocked off during a tackle and he hit his head on the turf?
announced was talking about concussion protocol FWIW
betting hes done for the day...i hope im wrong
not out there to start this drive

Not watching it now, but looked like EJ Manuel got hit hard in the ribs and was down. Anybody watching with an update there?

ETA: Nevermind just checked and it looks like he's still in

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AJ Green got crunched going over the middle on a third down pass. Dalton put it high and his body was exposed. Lying on the sideline now being looked at during the commercial break.

ETA: Up now and walking around the sideline. Looks like he's in a little bit of discomfort, but looks like he'll be okay to come back in

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Hasn't scored a point in awhile. I'd imagine he's out. :(

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BustedKnuckles said:
Mikey16x said:
Brandon Weeden diagnosed with a concussion
Isn't this like his 9th concussion? Somebody needs to teach this kid how to get the ball out of his hands before he ends up sounding like Mike Tyson. Thomas Hearns
Tyson just has a speech impediment...Hearns has dain bramage
I've been around the sport since I was 7 years old. I've met Mike Tyson countless times. Mike Tyson is absolutely punch drunk, on top of his speech impediment. Last time that I saw Mike at Ring 8, we were having dinner at his table and it's not just his voice that is the dead giveaway. It's his motor skills and loss of memory as well.


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