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Week 14 Jones or Vander (1 Viewer)


I picked up Deion Jones this week, still have Vander Esch, need to pick one to start, as our league only starts one DP.  Scoring as follows:

Assisted tackles - 0.75

Solo tackles - 1.5

Every 3 total tackles, forced fumble - 1

Passes defensed - 1.5

Safety, blocked kick, fumble recovered - 2

Interception, sack - 3

Hard to pass on DJones after last week.  I left him on my bench because it was his first game back, but he played like he hasn't missed a beat.

Meanwhile, LVE heads into an unpredictable timeshare with Sean Lee, making him less attractive than usual.

Go Jones with confidence.

I don't think it will make a difference in the grand scheme of things.  They will be similar (if Lee is out) but if Lee is active I would sit LVE until you see how they actually play that LB group together. 


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