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Week 18 Championships (1 Viewer)


I know. I KNOW. 

In a work league (10 teams PPR) and championship week is actually a 2-week combined score championship.

Are there any teams you would STAY away from this week? It seems like almost all teams have something to play for in the AFC.  The big issue would be the Tennessee-Houston game...which is an early game.

If TENN wins, does KC have anything to play for at that point? As someone who went heavy on Chiefs this question matters a bunch for me. 


Leroy Hoard

I would watch how the sportsbooks react since they have more invested than all of us combined. For instance Green Bay has gone from -11 to -2.  Would not make me happy if I owned any of the usual suspects in Packer land.

KC as you mentioned went from -3 to -10, so for now at least they seem to be ok.


Leroy Hoard

@Leroy HoardThat is some good advice. 

Do all the sport books show the historical line?
Vegasinsider shows both legal and offshore line histories, at least for the upcoming week. Not sure if they retain that info, it seems like they go with the final line in their historical database.


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