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Week 2 Bragging Thread (1 Viewer)

So far benching McNabb for Rodgers ... also benched Addai for Ernest Graham, which wasn't looking good until he busted off that 65+ yarder for a TD ...

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Started Rodgers over Brees on a whim :wub: Kevin Smith over MJD :hey: and....The Packers D/ST over the Bills :thumbup: :thumbup:

cruising to big win. 2-0.

I spent the first three rounds of my draft getting running backs. In the 4th round, I took Plaxico Burress. I was amazed he was still on the board.

In the 5th round, I took Calvin Johnson.

I may now have the top two FF wide receivers in the NFL.

I started Warner over Peyton Manning the last 2 weeks.

Last week Manning had a few more points than Warner, but I still won.

But this week, it's paying off BIG TIME! Warner's having a monster game and just when I need it....

I should sneak out another win this week. 2-0 :hot:

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Brandon Marshall

Calvin Johnson

Greg Jennings

Who needs RBs

Absolute domination again. Andre Johnson will have a tough time getting in my starting lineup.

Jay Freakin' Cutler. :shrug: :thumbup:

Oh, and proving it's better to be lucky than good, the Houston bye forced me to bench Andre Johnson....for Santana Moss.

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QUOTE (Ballstein @ Sep 13 2008, 03:07 PM)

I am. I dont want him coming out of the 2nd Q due to that damn toe. IMHO he shouldnt be playing- it's week 2----??? What a risk, LT will be A done BLT if he reinjures that toe.

Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson was taken out of the game Week 2 against the Broncos in the second quarter after re-injuring the big toe on his right foot, but returned to action midway through the third quarter. Tomlinson was hurt on the team's scoring drive in the late second quarter that ended in a Chris Chambers' 48-yard touchdown reception. He was being checked on the sideline by the trainers as RB Darren Sproles replaced Tomlinson, who had six carries for 13 yards and a 16-yard reception.

(Updated 09/14/2008).


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Drafted Jay Cutler at 7.11 this year and was RIPPED/RIDICULED by the Commish who drafted Hasselbeck in the 5th (called Cutler a "noodle arm" like Pennington). I also drafted Chris Johnson and McFadden (I hope that toe is in good shape) in the same league.


Across the teams today, I started Rivers, Cutler, Chambers, Boldin, Marshall, Reggie Bush (PPR which also rewards return yards), Scheffler, Wayne, and still have Romo/Witten in my PPR and TO in the aforementioned idiot commish league yet to play.

4 leagues, 2 weeks, 8-0. Absolutely dominating - only one game in 8 has even been close. :football:

I love this site, the tools they have, and knowledgable peeps. :wub:


Gotta snag Sproles to backup LT in my keeper. Tough though with limited roster spots...

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My 2 keepers in a keep-2 league (Cutler/Marshall) scored about 80 points to give me high score for the week and a huge come-from-behind win over a division opponent. Oh, and they made up for benching Darren McFadden.

High five Marshall, Boldin, Scheffler and Pack D in Dynasty. Marshall and Megatron, and Titans D in redraft. Nice week guys.

Thought about posting a thread for the McFadden doubters but since no one else did I won't either. But I would like to say that he got his chances and turned out to be everything I said he could be. Not like I was the only one but it felt good to see the kid show up people who called him a bust before he ever hit the field and said he could only be a situational back.

MJD disappointed me again and the outlook was grim, but Boldin & Marshall bailed me out and made me proud. I'm so used to posting in the venting thread that it feels nice to finally be in here.

I made two trades before kickoff yesterday...

Trade 1. I give LT for Ryan Grant and Jonathan Stewart

Trade 2. I give P. Manning, Roddy White and Tim Hightower for Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

I lost my game for the week but feel like I made my team better regardless.

I made two trades before kickoff yesterday... Trade 1. I give LT for Ryan Grant and Jonathan StewartTrade 2. I give P. Manning, Roddy White and Tim Hightower for Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.I lost my game for the week but feel like I made my team better regardless.
Dynasty? You ripped them off badly. Redraft, you just ripped them off. :shrug:
My ###clowns are going to crack 200 points tonight (good score is 150) in ROTOBOWL when Crayton gets 16.3 points.

Team: AP, Fitz, Bush, Santana, Bowe, Winslow, Aaron Rodgers

BTW: I put up 180 pts last week.

BTW2: I left 88 points on my bench this week!!



Didn't think I had much of a chance with only Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal left....won by 2 points :thumbup:

My opponent started Matt Cassel over Jay Cutler :jawdrop: :confused:

Started Cutler, Jennings, Calvin. Doesn't even matter who my RBs are, or that I have Witten left. Up by 50 points going into tonight's game.

This week i played my good buddy. he is an enormous Eagles fan and i am a die hard Cowboys fan.

I had Boldin and Cuttler. He had Fitts and Marshall.

I was up 24 points going into Sunday night. I had no guys left and he had J.Lewis and D.McNabb.

won by 1 point.....

and the Cowboys won!!! what a great football night!

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Cutler....traded for him this week





S. Moss....traded for him this week

racked up 215 points and the only 2 - 0 team in my league after week2.

Also had 90 points on my bench with..





E. Royal

A good week!

Was down by 60 in a PPR. Won by 14. Tomo, TO and Westbrook accounted for 8 TD's last night. I thought I was toast with him having Witten still to go.


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