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Week 3 Bragging Thread (1 Viewer)

I started Ronnie Brown over Edgerrin James. :bow: (Brown has three rushing TDs in the first half so far)

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Pulled Ricky for Steve Slaton at the last second...
I've found that the best risk starts come when you pull them at the last minute because of your gut. I usually tell myself all week that the starting lineup I have is the best, but I think at the last second the part of our brain that tries to convince itself of iffy things get shut off. Fight or flight and we go with who we truly think is the best option.Good move though, Slaton's looked great! :confused:
Swung a major deal after week 1, sending Eddie Royal to a division rival who insists he's an every week start. He played him against me over Ronnie Brown tonight.

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I stuck with Shockey in my flex spot even though he sucked the last two weeks. Started him over Ronnie Brown. BOOYEAH!!!

I am in two leagues.....6-0 so far. My guys in include Romo, Cutler, BarberIII, Michael Turner, Lynch, MJD, Calvin Johnson, and Santana Moss. I can not be stopped.....only moderately contained.

Feeling pretty good about benching Chris Johnson and starting Turner.

Not feeling too great about Stewart over Perry in my flex spot. I'll still win as long as Gates gets less than 19pts tonight, non-PPR.

<-- Pats self on back for throwing game winning INT for TD to own defense (San Diego). Sure hope there's no investigation. I really was trying to stuff that into Coles.

FavreCo goes 3-0. :excited:

3-0. Nothing special this week, other than that my team is still healthy. Every other team has a major injury in their starting lineup.

1 loss in 4 leagues and that was with the second highest score, my draft strategy's and luck are going great

My two minutes of fame in the 35k Subscriber contest:

Entry 107188 (#1)

This entry is still alive.

1 2 3


Peyton Manning $27 18.85 19.55 16.00

Jason Campbell $11 12.65 22.15 24.25

Ronnie Brown $34 6.60 11.40 43.65

Michael Turner $28 35.10 5.30 28.40

Ricky Williams $8 5.90 3.40 12.90

Michael Bush $3 0.00 15.00 6.50

Steve Slaton $1 6.40 0.00 20.40

Marques Colston $30 5.60 0.00 0.00

Calvin Johnson $25 17.70 30.90 8.00

Brandon Marshall $23 0.00 40.60 27.50

Derrick Mason $12 8.40 0.00 8.20

Antonio Bryant $2 7.30 0.00 23.80

Sinorice Moss $2 3.30 0.00 0.00

Steve Breaston $1 8.40 3.20 0.00

Chris Cooley $19 2.20 14.70 17.70

Anthony Fasano $3 26.40 0.00 17.10

Dustin Keller $2 0.00 3.40 16.10

Shayne Graham $4 6.00 1.00 12.00

Nate Kaeding $4 6.00 13.00 15.00

Chicago Bears $5 12.00 11.00 8.00

Jacksonville Jaguars $5 5.00 5.00 11.00

Miami Dolphins $1 5.00 2.00 8.00


TOTAL 146.75 167.25 219.90

Averaging 152 pts per week in a ppr 12 team league. 4pts passing tds, all other 6pts. 1pt/rec, 1pt/10 yds pass & rush, 1pt/25 yds pass.

I am kicking ###!

I got my first win of the year despite --

starting Sammy Morris over Edge

starting Andre Johnson

benching Roddy White

My team total (bench and starters) was actually the second highest of the week, so even though I'm 1-2 I've got the third highest point total overall. So I don't feel bad about my team.

At least now my league mates are no longer laughing at me for making Jay Cutler one of my three keepers ...

Got my first win of the year in my dynasty league. Was down 20 going into monday night......Favre got 21. So I'm 1-2 and only 1 game back in my division. If Braylon will wake up and Colston can get healthy sooner rather than later, I might still have a shot.

I traded Boldin for Ocho Cinco!!! 20 minutes before week 2's game, when Boldin went nuts for three!!!

The bad part or not, I got Forte (still solid) and gave up R. Brown on the back end!!!


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