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Week 4 Bragging Thread (1 Viewer)

Another 100% asskicking of an opponent. :coffee:

Dude, why would Garrard even be considered. Why do you even have that turd? That bum isn't 1/100 Favre.

Picked up Lance Moore. Plugged him right in to my lineup. Cruised my way to 4-0.

I'm also still very handsome. :thumbup:

Beat the top team in my division despite having Ryan Grant and Andre Johnson in my lineup ... had 137 points, third highest in the league this week, and moved to 2-2.

Have you ever been 4-0 and hated your team? My RB's in a wimpy 8team league are SJax, LJ, Turner, and CJ....

Thanks Romo and Scobee!

Beat the team with Favre and Coles in my money league by picking up Lance Moore about 15 minutes before kickoff.

That worked out pretty well...Lance Moore replaced Bryant Johnson and his hammy in my lineup.



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