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Week 9 Flex (1 Viewer)


Hey guys, 12 team full PPR, currently starting the following:

RB - J Conner, K Johnson

WR - D Adams, J Brown

TE - T Kelce

My flex options are A Collins, D Thomas, C Ridley, O Howard, A Cooper.  Collins has been mediocre all year and they just added another RB, Ridley has quieted down lately and ATL offense has been worse on the road, and want to see how Thomas fits in with the Texans offense before starting him.  

So I'm between Howard and Cooper.  Howard has been consistent all year, should benefit from Fitz back under center, and Panthers are worst in NFL at defending TEs.  But, given that Dallas gave up a 1st rounder for Cooper, I'm thinking they will want to feature him as much as possible in primetime on Monday night.  Who ya got?

would probably go Howard based on the CAR matchup.  not sure I'm excited about Thomas and Cooper in their first games, especially with Dak's arm.

Depends on what you want. Collins is the safe but not sexy play. Not Thomas cuz I'm avoiding Texans this week with Watson and his lung issues in Denver. Cooper needs to show me something before I can trust him. Ridley is boom or bust. Howard has a good matchup, but Fitz prefers his WRs is the only thing. I'd lean Howard, though, because it could be a shootout and he has a decent shot at the TD.

I'd go Howard and by a pretty wide margin. I think sometimes people get it in their head that starting 2 TE's isn't a good idea.


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