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Week Four White Elephant Results (1 Viewer)


IBL Representative
(Week 4/Season Total)

1. Renesauz (150/583): Rene' returns to the top in total points.

2. Pictus Cat (178/573): PC sets a new season high for the league and jumps a long way up in the standings. With Steven Jackson and L. Coles on byes week five, he may need this immunity.

3. Jeter23 (119/554): Jeter's season low score is still above the average.

4. Rudy (108/545): No QB meant a season low, but Rudy is still singing.

5. Fiddles (119/484): Quietly above average every week.

6. Duckboy (144/483): Season high for Duckboy looks kinda flukish, but his season low is a decent 111.

7. Road Warriors (126/480): Consistantly above-average.

8. Blue-Kun (110/456): Tough week upcoming with no QB for week 5.

9. OldMilwaukee (105/451): The Warner/Rodgers QB combo has kept him alive so far, but several week 5 byes spell big trouble.

10. Aaron Rudnicki (101/449): Low total points, but Engram and Curtis return soon.

11. Jeff Pasquino (122/445): Jeff's score has improved slightly every week.

12. Ruffrodys05 (101/378): Rodys survived AGAIN with no QB, thanks to Reggie Brown's return. Cinderella's still dancing, but with a limp.


13. Fullback Fro (95/484): Despite being tied for 6th in total points, bye weeks and poor depth caught him this week.

14. Reaper (120/486): Averaging 121.5, but left us in week 3.

15. Shadowmaster (83/385): OUT WEEK 2

16. Radballs (82/325): OUT WEEK 1

renesauz said:
(Week 4/Season Total)

12. Ruffrodys05 (101/378): Rodys survived AGAIN with no QB, thanks to Reggie Brown's return. Cinderella's still dancing, but with a limp.
Whew!!!!!!!! I only had 12 of my 20 roster slots available this week (6 on bye, 1 no longer on an NFL roster, 1 suspended) so I think it's a testament to my brilliant drafting that my team made it through this very tough week. Next week I'll have 17 available as I only have 2 players on a bye and I get my suspended player back.Rock on Ruffrodys!!!!!!

Anyone remember the blog?


Eliminated so far:

13. Fullback Fro (95/484): Ranked #1

14. Reaper (120/486): Ranked #7

15. Shadowmaster (83/385): Ranked #16 (one week off, :banned: )

16. Radballs (82/325): OUT Ranked #10

Interesting how things have panned out so far.
Fro and Reaper are both mid-pack for total points though. The rankings then weren't so ugly :lmao: They were also well before the season started.
I think you over analyzing has your head in the clouds.All 5 of my starting core players finished ahead of yours last year.Palmer > McNabbLewis > GoreWhite > ParkerMoss > MarshallWelker > CrotheryYet you feel your team is 3rd overall and mine is 16th?Yeah - I have bye week issues and I don't expect to go all the way, but your RB combo had 8 TD TOTAL last year. Gore fell way back to earth and enter Martz for 2008 = a few <10 carry games. Better hope he can PPR for you. Parker struggled to score in the new Pitt O, and they just signed ANOTHER goal line back.Both of us have QBs who underperformed last year, but Palmer was much higher in TD total 26 to 19.Sorry mate - gonna have to agree to disagree on this on with ya. With the exception of the bye week issues and the backup QB, this team is very solid.
I find this post particularly interesting! :thumbup:

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