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Well this is really it....EVERYTHING on the line....please help (1 Viewer)


10 team redraft....no ppr...1/10 rush/rec  4 for td passes  1/20 passing

I am in first place....by 9 points!    This is for all the marbles.

my team

qb   Brady/Foles/Watson

rb    Barkley/Sony

wr    Tyreek/Hopkins/Robby Anderson

te    Kelce

k    Gostkowski

d     Pats

everything is set (no even close options) except QB

My heart says Brady

(experts) say Watson

My head says Foles

What would you do?

Thanks in advance

They all have something to play for.  

Vegas has the o/u of the Phi (-7.5) at 42, NE (-14.5) at 46, and Hou (-10) at 40.  Soo....

They expect NE to win 28-18, Hou to win 25-15, and Phi to win 25-17.  Scoring potential is all pretty equal.  FG difference.  

In their last 3, averages are...

Brady 16.6, Watson 24.0 and Foles 23.6 (only two games)

DEF QB points allowed averages for the last 3 are...

NYJ 26.2, Jax 9.2, and Wash 10.9

Question is, who will garner the greatest % of their team's points?   Phi QB scored 23 pts last time against Wash, Watson scored 11.9 against Jax and Brady scored 23 against NYJ.

Brady is the safe play.  Brady is playing while not knowing what the KC/SD results will be.  He's going to want to put on a show.  I have a feeling about Foles having a huge game as well, but Brady's downside is less than Foles, IMO.  Don't diss the goat.


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