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What do you use for College FF? (1 Viewer)


I've been holding off for years since I'm in so many NFL ones, but I've been invited to play in a college Power 5 Fantasy football league.

I figured there was probably the equivalent of FBG somewhere out there. (Well maybe not an equal)  But after looking around, I'm not seeing much to pick from.  It appears SportingNews has some stuff and maybe Rotoworld?   Curious if any of you are playing and where you go for rankings, etc.

I am watching the tape in the room and then scouting the players to give you reviews, poppin the popcorn and pourin a beer, set your lineup, crush your peers, draft the players, have no fear, because the best college fantasy football poster is here 

Just drafted.  Used the Rotoworld site.  One fun thing is that rankings between sites, Phil Steele, Roto, Sporting News and Yahoo were radically different.  My #3 RB was ranked #80 on the Yahoo site.  Good times.

Fantrax.  You can host a league for free or pay money to host and gain more options to customize.  We run two different waiver periods each week and draft from the entire FBS, while also setting our lineups exactly how we want, and we don't pay a dime to Fantrax.  We do an offline draft, so not sure how the live draft feature works and whether it is free or not, but I recommend checking them out.  


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