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What is the first Internet Browser you remember using? (1 Viewer)

First One

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I voted Netscape. But I think the likely answer was Mosaic. I know I used Netscape. I am only pretty sure about Mosaic. And I worked for the company that brought everyone Altavista...

Thanks. I feel really old now.

What would have been on the computer lab PCs in college in 1991 or 1992?  There was no search engine.  You had to know the addresses.

BBS going back to 1991-ish. 

University's intranet in the couple years following that. 

AOL for a stretch in 1996

I remember IE4 being a pretty big deal when that launched, which I guess means I was using 3.x for a while. 

I remember some of the early iterations of Navigator 4.x

We got my mom an Audrey for Christmas one year.    I guess reading that wiki it must have been 2000.  

Regular internet : webTV :: webTV : Audrey

What a spectacular failure that thing was!
The Audrey may have been too ahead of its time, I don't think people at that time understood the functions enough to utilize them. 

It also launched at the worst time in history to launch an electronics product.

Netscape in the early/mid 90's was the first I used.

I remember my friend showing me it and I dismissed it quickly going back to the BBS and news groups.  What a visionary I was :)

To be fair to myself, the effects of the old BBS, and news groups are still felt today on some of the most popular web sites like Reddit.

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