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What side of this trade do you like better for 12 team Superflex Dynasty PPR? (1 Viewer)


Can't believe I'm even discussing this bottom of the barrel stuff but this offer has me stumped for a rare time:

Side A: J Stidham, Jameis and Allen Robinson

Side B: Ryan Tannehill, Calvin Austin

I currently have the Tannehill side and really thin at QB. Is there a realistic chance either Stidham or Winston starts next year? If so, the deal is a no brainer. If not, yikes.

Thanks for your help!


Urgh. I think this comes down to who you want at QB for a one year fill-in, which is probably Tannehill, coupled with Austin at least having a possibility of doing something going forward, which ARob doesn't. Stidham might start for this season dependent on what the Raiders do in the draft, but I don't see that as being worth much of anything


Side B. You know what you're getting with Tannehill. Tennessee was not impressed with Willis, so I don't see him overtaking Tannehill if he's healthy. With that said, I agree with Rubi and reserve the right to change my stance in 10 minutes.

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