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When you are making lineup decisions (1 Viewer)


Player's history?

Player's streak?

Player's opponent?

Opponents defensive averages?



Gut is not an option here.

I'm curious to hear what information is key to your lineup decisions.

With QB's, if I determine there aren't any health issues that I need to worry about, the first thing I look at is how they match up with the team they are playing.

- Which QB has the better oline vs. dline matchup:

Having a great matchup here can be a blessing and a curse. For example, many teams will stick with the run if they're able to dominate the line of scrimmage, thus limiting your QB's scoring. A bad matchup isn't necessarily a dealbreaker either, as a poor run blocking matchup could mean lots of extra passing, although turnovers are usually more likely as your QB will likely be under extra pressure.

- Which QB has the better wr/te vs. back 7 matchup:

There's no downside here to having a great matchup.

The second thing I look at with QB's is whether they are playing at home or on the road, and what the weather conditions are:

- I operate under the assumption that all things being equal, a QB is more likely to perform better at home than on the road.

- Obviously you want weather conditions that are good for passing the ball

Here's an example of my QB decision making process. In the Super Bowl last year, I had to decide between Big Ben @ STL and Farve vs. CHI. Both matchups were pretty close. I gave a small edge to Big Ben. Farve was at home, but the weather was a potential factor in GB. While Big Ben was on the road, he was playing in a dome so weather wasn't an issue, and I didn't think the Rams crowd would be very boisterous either since they were terrible and the Steelers usually bring a pretty good road following. Since Big Ben had the matchup edge, and I deemed the home/away and weather conditions a wash, I decided to go with Big Ben.

Player's history?Player's streak?Player's opponent?Opponents defensive averages?cheatsheets?Other?Gut is not an option here.I'm curious to hear what information is key to your lineup decisions.
All of the above. First pass is the studs/hot players. If the lineup isn't full, I move to the opponent, and home/away. THEN, I'll bounce off the FBG cheat sheets. If I've started somebody with a bench guy ranked significantly higher (more then a couple of slots), THEN I'll look closer at the decisionb, the history, specific data trends, etc.I believe anybody going strictly off their gut is doing themselves as great a dis-service as those who go strictly off someone elses cheetsheets. You should definately use more then one set of data to make your decisions though.
I do a lot of the previously listed. But if it's down still really close between 2 players, one tie breaker I use is who plays in the later game. I never like it when I have all my players playing in the early games and then have no one to watch, except my opponents players scoring points while I wait helpless.

Always nice to have some players in a Monday night game, in case I'm behind so I have that one last bit of hope to hang on to.

For me, it is 2 things.

One, is know the personnel. Know the size/skills of my player vs. the skills of the cornerback(s). If I have a soft receiver going against a physical cornerback and vice versa, I might re-think. Or if my receiver has a huge height advantage.

Two, most importantly, know the strength of the opposing defense. I play all my receivers against teams that are stout against the run. Because the only way to beat a team like Minnesota or Tennessee is to throw.


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