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Which (bad) QB for Week 8? (1 Viewer)


Due to byes, personal incompetence and the likely collapse of the Canadian National Railway, I'm left with the following QB options (some via waiver) for Week 8:

  • Tua (currently owned) at Buffalo
  • Teddy Bridgewater (waiver add) vs. WFT
  • Carson Wentz (waiver add) vs. TEN
There is one other team needing a QB this week who has a higher waiver selection, so I'm presuming Wentz will be gone.  Nonetheless, if you could rank these three, I would appreciate your help.  Then you can go back to real fantasy football questions 😆

As a final note, our waivers reset each week by reverse order of standings, so there's no fear here of wasting a waiver selection.

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