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Which LB's would you shop? (1 Viewer)


I know this is a ASST COACH QUESTION but it's tuff enough to get replies anyway in that thread but an IDP will have no replies!!!! :X

Here I go:

I had all these LB's in a salary cap dynasty league, who wold you be trying to sell right now?:

2 / tackle

1 / asst.

10 / sack

2 / FF

4 / FR

6 / INT

Kailee Wong

Donnie Edwards

Mike Peterson

Lance Briggs

Derrick Johnson

Leroy Hill

James Harrison (RFA)

Brad Kassell (RFA)

Lemar Marshall (RFA)

Barrett Ruud

I totally forgot I have these two on my PS!!!



They are in order of salary (not that important at this moment)

Which guys would you shop to help other positions?

I have a few team owners that could use a LB.

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I'd shop Wong first. I thought Houston was going to a 4-3 and looking for a MLB. This could move Wong to WLB which may or may not help his situation. Thats a little too much risk for your highest paid LB. If they get a good MLB, then his value slips.


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