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Which one of you knuckleheads is this? (1 Viewer)


Trying to figure out if I'm being trolled on twitter.

So Woodrow put up this innocuous fantasy baseball tweet 

@fbgwood: Who's going to close in Cleveland, Hand or Allen?

And since he used an  FBG handle i replied with a sarcastic non- baseball reply.

@JaxBill10: @fbgwood Mayfield

To which i received a reply that i can't tell if it's a butt hurt Cleveland fan or a baseball first guy or somebody from these boards trolling 

@MrBinFlorida: @JaxBill10 @fbgwood The choses was Hand or Allen, and wrong sport.

I've  composed about 3 replies mentioning Capt Obvious, sarcasm detector and spell check but worried I'm being trolled


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