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Which RB should I drop? (1 Viewer)


Clement would be my choice.  Wilkins still has a shot at being the #1 in his offense, whereas Clement is going to be second fiddle to Ajayi all year.  Plus Clement's upside is in PPR, not standard scoring. 



Clement, he is going to need an injury to get some value, where as Wilkins will lead touches till Mack gets back



Clement for sure - he's sitting behind Ajayi and Sproles. It was announced that Ajayi will be taking be the workhorse for Philly so Clement will probably not see much time on the field UNLESS Ajayi goes down.

Keep Wilkins, he'll have to compete with Mack (once he's back) but he gives you a better chance at touches than Clement will.


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