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Which RB to start - need 1 (1 Viewer)


redraft  non-ppr   10 team

Jeff Wilson  vs  SEA

Jaylen Samuels  vs  NWE

Damien Williams  vs  LAC       ********  WILLIAMS  PLAYS THURSDAY NITE

tough choice...……...thanks for the help

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Non PPR I go Wilson.

A lot of Samuels value are his receptions and Williams has never had more than 11 carries in a game and we might see more of West then we think.

Please help with my RB quandary.  Thanks!



If Ware is ruled out I go with Damien Williams.  If not I would wait and see the status on Breida and Conner.  Whichever of those two don't play I go with their counterpart.  If both don't play then I go with Samuels. 


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