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Which team would you rather play this week in the playoffs? (1 Viewer)


In our league the first place team get to choose what team he wants to play in the semi finals....It’s a 1/2 point ppr league. Thanks in advance.

Team 1
QB/ Russell Wilson vs Washington (tough matchup?)

RB/ Chris Carson vs Washington 

RB/ Kareem Hunt vs NYG

WR/ Davante Adams vs Carolina

WR/ Keenan Allen vs Raiders

WR/ Julio Jones vs Tampa (may not play)

WR/ Curtis Samuel vs Green Bay

TE/ Darren Waller vs Chargers

D/ Pittsburgh vs Bengals


QB/ Josh Allen vs Denver

RB/ David Montgomery vs Minnesota

RB/ Wayne Gallman vs Browns

RB/ Gus Edwards vs Jacksonville 

WR/ Alan Robinson vs Vikings

WR/ Adam Thielen vs Chicgo

WR/ Cole Beasley vs Denver

TE/ Hunter Henry vs Raiders 

D/ Buffalo vs Denver

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