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Which WW RB to pick up? and order ROS (1 Viewer)

I would rank them: Ito, Gore, Mostert, Murray, Duke, Mack, Cohen, Clement

  1. Clement - should be #1 guy on a potent offense and is used in the red zone extensively. 
  2. Gore - Dolphins don't want to go with Drake for whatever reason and Gore is solid.  High floor play as long as he is getting touches.
  3. Cohen - Bears seemed to have figured out he is good if used properly.  I would have no problem moving him to #2
  4. Mack - Colts seem to want him to be the guy
  5. Murray - if Cook remains out only. Otherwise just a hand cuff
  6. Doesn't matter for the rest...all are either handcuffs or not getting enough work to be of use.

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